The Touratech Online PDF Catalogues (in various languages) are ready!!! English: French. CATALOG-GUIDE Aluminum Panniers + Equipment Soft Luggage Touratech .. Usable without (–) / ADV (–) for you is the availability of almost all our assembly instructions in PDF format for. CATALOG-GUIDE Aluminum Panniers + Equipment Soft Luggage Touratech . Desierto IV fairing BMW R GS (LC) (not Adventure) Nr.

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The whole story is available in the new Touratech catalog from mid-January more. Always and everywhere available, also as PDF-Download! more. BMW R GS - Touratech Catalog - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File Adventure 3 days ago Honda Transalp - Touratech Catalog - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. RTS L PA CIA SPE Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for .. 3, , general election candidate list.

The hand protector can be combined with various spoilers and then offers optimum protection against wind and weather. A very strong, sturdy construction which has proven itself time and again in many rallies and on other motor cycles.

Handlebar risers 34 mm: Hand Protectors GD with Handlebar Risers black yellow blue red white. Very useful and pleasant in rain, snow, hail and cold. Easy to fix by drilling two small holes through the protector. The spoilers are made out of resistant and light synthetic. Very useful accessories for the GS-biker. Vehicles with ABS must change the original brake line with our braided brake line about 3 cm longer than the original one.

Weve specially adapted the engine guard for the new G GS. The design incorporates 4 mm aluminium which is significantly sturdier than the original part and will protect the full length of the engine against bottoming out or impacts with solid objects off-road. It closes the gap between the rear wheel and engine guard, and thus increases their efficiency considerably.

We deliberately dispensed with recesses to prevent the risk of the motorbike becoming stuck on stones or branches. Fitting it to the main stand using collars with rubber seals is extremely effective at preventing the guard from rattling. Use these crashbars and even major falls will no longer be a horrifying experience. Help avoid expensive repairs.

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It significantly adds to the functionality of the delicate tubework on the BMW G GS, which provides good protection for the boots but not for the trouser legs above. Our stainless steel heat shield is incredibly easy to fit and puts a stop to singed trousers once and for all!

This ensures that it is no longer so easy for anyone to remove the brake fluid reservoir cover. It is still very easy to read the level in the reservoir. Made of laser-cut stainless steel. Advantages of our handlebar risers: Proper protection for the sensitive wheel speed sensors is therefore essential, especially on machines that often travel on rough ground. The shapely guard made of 1. As well as protecting the brake cylinder and frame from the heel of your boot and vice versa , the heel protector also guards these sensitive parts against stones or other hazards if the bike falls over when youre riding off-road.

Extremely solid yet light and sporty in design, its made from riveted stainless steel and aluminium. The actual chain cover is made from lightweight anodised aluminium, which is supported on indestructible 2 mm thick stainless steel.

CNC milled aluminium - Pre-assembled - An electronic trick makes the dipped light remain on when the main beam is switched on: A brilliant combination of style, and high-tech. DE dipped low beam headlight for optimum illumination. Xenon main beam light turns night into day. All parts included, light bezel, and the ballast bracket. The Xenon ballast fits tightly in the space just behind the steering head with our special bracket.

Very bright Xenon light for considerably safer driving at night. The Xenon light is activated by the high beam.

Compared to the Xenon, the contribution of the original beam is barely noticeable.


The 20, volt transformer uses only 25W to produce double the light. Includes German TV Type Approval, special brackets for the light and for the transformer, complete fitting hardware and fitting instructions. Looks great, can be installed quickly and includes approval does not need to be registered. The LED rear light gives your motorbike a totally new and modern look.

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In addition, you no longer need to constantly worry about defective rear light bulbs and getting involved in an accident because of this. Increased safety combined with modern technology and good looks - what more could you want? Mini indicators Come supplied with detailed instructions: The originalholes must be enlarged to mount these indicators.

The wide, low fog beam of the 55 W halogen allows much safer driving when it is raining or snowing.

The fog light housing matches our Xenon headlight. The conversion kit includes an adapter plate and all necessary screws to equip your F GS with a motorcylce computer and a roadbook holder. You can decide which IMO to mount: You will always need a sport control lamp kit and the RB-TT roadbook holder.

Converting will take some time and you should be experienced. Steel grating and welded frame is plastic-powder coated gloss black.

BMW R1200 GS - Touratech Catalog

Mounting is very simple using fastening points directly at the indicator mounts. No effect on the function of the windscreen. The headlight protector does not have German TV-type approval and was developed for off-road use. This conversion kits turns the F GS and the new G GS into true touring bikes suitable for long-distance trips.

A similar idea which keeps the basic structure of the bike unchanged, with useful additions, you will hardly find anywhere else. The original tank is retained and must be retrofitted with some special parts i.

The fuel pump is retained. All parts are designed to fit. The tanks come from elkamet and are made out of Polyamide 6 which is virtually indestructible. The tanks and all other mounting and fairing components can be painted by any paint shop in the colour of your choice. The kit comes supplied with all parts and certificates needed for registration. Kit contents: It remains practical for your daily ride to work or on weekend tours. Beginning with the model, you need the front mudguard and the tank emblem from the model!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information: The guards are fitted on the top to the side of the fender cover with special clamps. The fork protectors are then held in position by guides that are also fitted to the lower cross stabiliser. If low mudguards are used these may have to be cut into a somewhat here. But this isnt really a problem, especially with Touratech mudguards.

But the decisiveadvantage of these fork guards is that unlike traditional rubber gaiter fork guards, these guards do not block cooling air to the radiators and also the cross section of air for the water cooler is not reduced. Unlike rubber gaiter fork boots, these guards do not block cooling air to the radiators. The seals and fork legs remain constantly visible, thus a leak or damage can be easily discovered.

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Mud is not trapped inside. No more hidden problem areas. Integral bucket shape seat platform, hard padding and beautiful design. Ultimate comfort for rider and passenger.

The seat is available in three different heights: Thanks to the special construction, it can easily be adapted to any manifold shape. Not only does it provide heat protection, but it also protects the endangered points of the exhaust system against stone-chipping or in the event of a fall. Many Advantages to other high-end brands! Touratech Suspension has been designed by Tractive Suspension. Tractive has specific, profound expertise of the Touratech type of motorbike models.

As an example, the people at Tractive designed most of the shocks used by BMW Motorrad since the last 10 years. Information on Touratech suspension and the available versions can be found starting on page !

Illustration similar. Fits bikes where there is no room for an external reservoir. Hose mounted adjuster knob, easy to fit where it is easy to reach. As a result the shock absorber rod with the sensitive sealing elements is protected from stones and mud being thrown up constantly. The shock guard is screwed onto the lower shock absorber mounting and remains stable. Protects your rear master cylinder from your motocross boots.

Large holes for light weight and trick appearance. You can use the exhaust with or without a catalytic converter. This exhaust is a clever alternative, especially when travelling to countries where you cannot get lead free fuel.

F GS up to model Our additional stop avoids this effectively and you can also adjust your foot brake pedal. Stolen oil filler caps are a thing of the past.

No special tool required: The perfectly machined cap is anodised aluminium of course, a 7mm Allen key is included and can be attached to your key ring. The cap is simply used instead of the original plastic part and can then only be opened with a TORX 45 key. Thus it is difficult just to remove it but all the same a quick maintenance unit is no problem. The guard consists of two anodised aluminium grills for left and right sides of the radiator. True protection from mud and water!

With the standard version water sprays from the ground in front of the cockpit when it is raining This mudguard works very well! This mudguard is very effective when it comes to avoiding a cold and dirty shower. It is lightweight, easy to fit and it is hardly noticeable because of its black colour The anti-slip knurled screw secures the accelerator in position.

This significantly reduces the strain on the right hand during long journeys. This item is illegal in road traffic in Germany and could be dangerous if used incorrectly.

We are unable to accept any responsibility for it. Even if you park the motor bike in a meadow you do not always have to look for a small plank of wood or another base.

This practical part is made of a combination of stainless steel laser parts and anodised aluminium. Quick and easy to fit. Well, not any more! The side stand base extension for the BMW G GS doubles the surface area of the side stand base, so even heavily laden motorbikes will stay safely standing on soft ground. And not least, this neat little stainless steel and aluminium part gives a perfect finish to the side stand!

Easy chain maintenance. Safely load your BMW. The motorcycle can be easily put on its stand even when loaded. Easy to fit. High quality part from Touratech. Engine Guard Extension: This will make it very difficult, if not impossible, to go any further.

With our brake lever you can reduce this risk easily and effectively because of the folding front lever. Should the brake lever get a little bent out of shape it can be straightened again very easily. The laser-cut, welded guard is made from Aluminium 4 mm thick.

Protects the engine against flying stones and serious damage when hitting the ground. Made from 4mm welded aluminium plate. The Xenon light is activated by the high beam and provides much more light. The 20, volt transformer uses only 35W to produce double the light. Includes German TV type approval, special brackets for the light and for the transformer, complete fitting hardware and detailed fitting instructions. The Xenon lamp can be fitted with a right-side fog lamp. Kit includes bracket, cables, switch and German TV-type approval and need not be registered.

They are easy to fit, and no changes need to be made to your machine. Just fit and go!

BMW F650Dakar G650 Sertão - Touratech Catalog

The set consists of all 4 flashers plus the attachment materials. Mounting is very simple. The headlight protector does not have German TV-type approval and was developed for off-road use. Our GPS brackets all fit perfectly on its mm brace. For easy, safe attachment of your GPS. With virtually no impairment of the view of the instruments. The set includes replacement fork springs and a replacement spring for the shock absorber.

This spring set provides you with a sensible 30 mm reduction in height without affecting the riding properties. The progressive springs have been designed to match the Transalp perfectly, and offer a tremendous improvement in response and greater safety in extreme situations. Replacing the front and rear springs will lead to a significant improvement in your suspension system.

Delivery includes detailed installation instructions, the correct fork oil and a paste to improve the slippage of the dip tubes. Safe protection against the hot manifold pipe. The shield is simply fastened to the original attachment points. This radiator guard can be fitted for perfect protection of the delicate radiator fins.

The two-part guard in strong aluminium offers perfect protection for the right and left of the radiator. This efficiently prevents the radiator from being damaged by stones. Theres no hope then of continuing the journey. We developed the throttle cover to minimise this risk. It is made of anodised aluminium, easy to fit, and yet still offers efficient protection against damage. The entire exhaust is extremely well crafted. With this outer shell, the exhaust is exceptionally lightweight, robust and stain-resistant.

A significant temperature drop at the silencer has been possible thanks to the innovative design and high-quality materials used. With the BOS silencer, scorched luggage cases and singed pillion-rider boots are a thing of the past. The workmanship is of very high quality and is convincing right from the start.

A shield made of 2 mm stainless steel is a distinct improvement. The stainless steel shield screws onto the existing attachment points.

Lightweight, stylish, folding alumini- The Transalp stands much more um gear level for your Transalp. Quick and easy to fit. They offer considerably wider foot base support and also allow longer distances to be covered while standing on the footpegs. These footpegs also provide more grip as the grip studs have very sharp edges.

The extension is made of blasted stainless steel. The looks and function are beautifully balanced. The sharp claws on the surface also offer plenty of support off-road. The plastic-coated steel tube is integrated perfectly in the design of the motorbike, and will cope even with the toughest conditions. An intended bending point will protect the frame and screw attachments against damage.

The slender design also offers lots of advantages when riding off-road. The two-piece roll bar is easy to fit. All attachment materials included. This measure significantly extends its protective function. Now the fairing and radiator of the Transalp in particular are well protected. Putting an end to expensive repairs or even breakdowns caused by radiator problems. It is made of a combination of 4 mm riveted aluminium panels, and can be fitted in conjunction with our crash bar The decoupled attachment reduces resonance, and will absorb part of the impact energy in the event of contact with the ground.

Engine Guard Panel Honda Transalp XLV A very strong 3 mm aluminium panel is fitted between the fairings of the frame trusses for optimum protection of the oil reservoir. The engine guard panel is attached in three places, and offers excellent protection against stones and scree. This panel is easy to attach with the two crash bars and This gives the chain guard the necessary stability - and makes it as light as possible.

Optimum use is made of the existing mounting points when attaching the chain guard, which means it is easy and quick to do.

The appearance is enhanced by an additional aluminium shield. The pinion guard has been specially designed to make it quick and easy to remove extreme dirt after an off-road tour. The original guide plate remains in place when fitting the guard.

This has enabled us to achieve the perfect shape and fit. It also has a zip so you can easily increase the volume to ist full 22 litres. The tank bag is easy to fit, and quickly and easily removed. With the eyelets and enclosed straps, it can also be used as a rucksack.

A detachable map bag is also included, of course. It is more effective than the serial part, and the design has already proved itself on numerous journeys. Luggage Rack Aluminium Honda Transalp XLV Thanks to the many slits and recesses on the luggage rack aluminium, luggage of almost any shape and size can be safely attached to your bike. The wide shape means that even large items can be secured easily and without difficulty.

The luggage rack aluminium is light and yet extremely strong. It comes with all of the attachment materials that are required, including the special spacers. Tube with a 2 mm thick wall.

Can be used with ZEGA panniers or other panniers in conjuction with our 18 mm mounting hardware. A zip expands the bag to up to 20 litres of volume. In addition, there is an elastic cord which can be used to store wet rain gear. It is a snug fit on the tail and is held by three straps. The pannier has a foam rubber base and robust side panels, which guarantee its slip-free seating.

A zip-fastened pouch on its top cover is provided for bits and pieces. Ideal for tools or spare tubes when touring off-road. The tail rack bag Transalp has a volume of approx. With a zip fastener, its volume can be increased to approx.

The rack is made of 18 mm steel tube, and is attached to existing points. There is no need to re-position or extend the exhaust. A strut provides maximum stability even with heavy loads. The very strong l ZegaCases never get in the way of the pillion passenger. With this pannier system, youll be ready for routes anywhere in the world! Touratech Suspension has been designed by Tractive Suspension.

Tractive has specific, profound exper-tise of the Touratech type of motorbike models. As an example, the people at Tractive designed most of the shocks used by BMW Motorrad since the last 10 years.Enhances your motorbikes look! Normally this causes problems with the RGS. It comes with all of the attachment materials that are required, including the special spacers. Genaro Contreras. Fits bikes where there is no room for an external reservoir.

Especially on long-distance trips, the lowest position improves riding comfort considerably as it enables a relaxed riding position. Easy fitting and quick cleaning complete the shields features.

Can not be combined with the side covers! The manifold cover is made of laser cut, anodised aluminium. The lines and forms of the refined boxer engine have been used again and incorporated beautifully into the whole appearance of the motorcycle.