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Read “The Energy Bus”, by Jon Gordon online on Bookmate – The Energy Bus, an international To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. [PDF] Download The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy Ebook | READ ONLINE Download at. that Make Great Teams Great [ebook free] by Jon Gordon (epub/mobi) Worldwide bestseller — the author of The Energy Bus and The.

Curr Nutr Food Sci ; 14 2 : A typical household in West Africa engages in subsistence farming with the use of local or crude implements like hoes and cutlasses which can only produce a limited level of agricultural output for family consumption [ 12 Food and Agricultural Organization-FAO.

Furthermore, poverty persists, with recent estimates showing that about 2 billion people may be considered poor [ 8 International Monetary Fund and World Bank. However, it is relevant to bear in mind that human development in the form of health and education contributes to agricultural development, it was observed that the government of Ethiopia made significant efforts in terms of public investments education and health to speed up the growth of agriculture as a means of enhancing the poverty reduction agenda [ 5 Abro ZA, Alemu BA, Hanjra MA.

The health status of the people plays an important role in increasing agricultural production, and measures can be put in place to educate the farmers on the use of ICTs modern implements for efficient production [ 14 Ejemeyovwi JO, Osabuohien ES, Osabohien R.

Int J Econ Bus Res ; 15 4 : It is also important to note that when individuals are fit that they can be involved in meaningful productive activities, which of course applies also to the practice of agriculture [ 15 Matthew AO, Adegboye BF, Fasina FF.

Public health expenditure and health Outcomes in nigeria. Int J Finance Econ ; 4 1 : Int J Energy Econ Policy ; 8 3 : In addition, education is equally important in bringing about growth in the agricultural sector. Education is regarded as a basic and obvious process by which skills, knowledge and attitude are acquired for the performance of socio-economic responsibilities, social integration, improving personal competence and seeking better opportunities.

There is a need for the farmers to be educated either formally or informally to be able to use mechanized equipment to farm as this will help increase agricultural output [ 17 Aigbokhan B, Imahe O, Ailemen MI, Imahe O, Ailemen MI.

Faculty of Business and Administration ; 4: This study is structured into five sections which are; the introductory section, following this is section two which draws insight from relevant literature; section three comprises of the methodology employed and results; discussion of results and the summary of findings are presented in section four, while recommendations and conclusion are presented in section five.

This has generated an enormous literature of both theoretical and empirical studies. Much literature focuses on the process of structural transformation of economies, from the least developed in which economic activity is based largely on agriculture, to high-income countries where industry and services sectors dominate the economy [ 4 Cervantes-Godoy D, Dewbre J.

Theor Econ Lett ; 83 3 : The high unemployment rate, poor governance and income inequality causes an increase in the rate of social vices such as armed robbery, prostitution, kidnappings and drug trafficking in ECOWAS. Appleton, S. Teal F. Human capital is seen as a broad concept which identifies human characteristics that can be acquired through education and health and also increase income.

It is commonly taken to include peoples' knowledge and skills acquired partly through education, but can also include their strength and vitality, which are dependent on their health and nutrition. The human capital theory thus focuses on health and education as inputs in economic production.

The irony of it is that the agricultural sector provides food that helps to nourish the body for healthy living. When the people are in good health, they are able to contribute to aggregate output, and when output increases, poverty is reduced [ 18 Matthew AO. According to the literature, countries with a high level of human capital need twice as more growth as countries with a high level of human capital to meet the poverty target [ 21 Hammer L, Healey J, Naschold F.

Will Growth Half Poverty by ? July The role of agriculture in African development. World Dev ; 38 10 : The agricultural sector is favourable as it allows greater employment opportunities for the poor. It was also noted that even though the industrial sector is important for boosting the economy, but it does not create sufficient employment opportunities for the poor and unskilled workers [ 22 Diao X, Hazell P, Thurlow J.

In addition, the study stated that there was little evidence to prove that African countries could launch a successful economic transformation without going through an agricultural revolution on a country-wide basis.

Callistus and Mulugeta, [23] examined the impact of social grants on poverty reduction at the household level in Ghana; they employed the usage of well-structured questionnaires, focus group discussions and in-depth interviews in their study. The study found out that the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty LEAP social grant has a positive impact on food consumption, frequency of utilization of health care facilities and the school enrolment rate for children aged years in beneficiary households.

The study recommended that the government should increase the cash amount, pay transfers regularly, link beneficiaries to existing complimentary services in the district, recruit more staff and provide in-service training opportunities for them.

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In line with a study [ 23 Callistus A, Mulugeta D. Social grants and poverty reduction at the household level: Empirical evidence from ghana. J Dev Econ ; 39 3 : The role of agriculture in the economic development of nigeria.

Eur Sci J ; 10 4 : They used trend analysis in terms of historical and current perspectives of agricultural activities as well as various descriptive methods to analyze the development of agriculture and its relevance to the Nigerian economy. The study proved that an in-depth research on the development of the agricultural sector is essential for the progress of the country.

Furthermore, less emphasis is made in proffering solutions to the achievement of economic development through the tool of agriculture. An empirical investigation was carried out noting that the agricultural sector has significant potentials for the transformation of the African economy [ 25 Ogbalubi LN, Wokocha CC. Agricultural development and employment generation: The nigerian experience.

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J Agri Vet Sci ; 2 2 : The study further acknowledged that most important public policies in West Africa have been tailored towards food security, the supply of agricultural raw materials needed by the manufacturing sector to provide adequate employment and income. The study recommended that credit should be provided to the farmers, extension services, price stabilization and making agriculture a priority.

In the same context, [the relationship between rurality and poverty as well as the role they play in rural development and poverty reduction was also investigated [ 26 Gustavo A, Kostas S. Rural development and poverty reduction: Is agriculture still the key?

J Agri Develop Econo ; 4 1 : It was argued that there was a historical misjudgment against the primary sector which served as a foundation for anti-agricultural bias in public policy until the late s. This historical misjudgment, according to a study [ 26 Gustavo A, Kostas S. Arguably, it was concluded that the least developed countries still necessarily need agriculture as their starting point for rural development in comparison to the advanced countries.

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Motivation Psychology Positive psychology. G print DDC I know from personal experience that taking a ride on the Energy Bus can change the entire course of your life, and on some level, you already believe that too. You made a decision to experience the benefits of positive energy in your life through the rules in the Energy Bus book, and this field guide will help build upon that experience. I wrote The Energy Bus to help you take action toward more positive outcomes for your life, work, and team.

This field guide complements the book by providing additional resource materials, specific practical guidance, and workbook-style content that further enables you to implement the 10 rules in The Energy Bus in your life, team, and organization.

From the moment The Energy Bus was published, readers have been clamoring for more information on how to implement the ideas outlined in the book. I have been writing newsletters, speaking all over the world, creating training materials, and answering personal emails in a continuous effort to provide support to individuals, teams, and organizations working with the book and seeing remarkable, positive results. We had to live it somehow to get it to work.

As supplemental materials for the book continued to grow exponentially and become more diverse, I realized it would be helpful to pull them all together into one comprehensive tool. I wanted to create a one-stop shop for you to begin your own Energy Bus journey. This field guide is designed to help anyone interested in turning the 10 rules in The Energy Bus into reality in their day-to-day life. It is for anyone who wants to live and work with more vision, optimism, passion, and purpose.

It is for executives, managers, coaches, teachers, parents, volunteers, community leaders, church leaders, healthcare professionals, trainers, facilitators, team builders, and students.

If you want to flourish personally and to help others around you do the same, this field guide will help you maximize every part of the journey through vivid individual and group activities that link back to one of the 10 rules in the book.

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It is a practical guide to support you in implementing the principles in the book. Each chapter presents information to help make the rules come alive in a logical order that mirrors the book.

I designed this field guide to help you do three things: Implement the Energy Bus principles in your own life. Utilize these principles with your team. Share ideas, case studies, and best practices to help you create an Energy Bus initiative in your organization. This field guide is my gift to you. It is a summary of everything I have seen and learned thus far about how to successfully implement the Energy Bus in your life, your team, and your organization.

There is not one specific way to do this. The exciting thing about The Energy Bus is how people have used so many creative approaches to make positive changes—and knowing there are more to come.

As you work through this process, feel free to implement your own creative ideas. You may want to use this field guide for just your own life. Or you may decide to invite your team on the bus.

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Or, like many others, you may decide to create an Energy Bus program in your organization. I've worked to pull together materials that can help you build the road map for whatever journey you want to take and, as the driver, you decide what kind of ride it's going to be. I look forward to hearing about your story and the things you do to implement The Energy Bus.

If you decide to share it with your team and organization, I would love to hear from you. You can email me at info JonGordon.

Who knows, your story may be in the next addition of the field guide. As you embark on this journey, please know I am sending positive energy your way. The Case for Positive Energy Positive Energy is an undeniably powerful asset as well as a vital personal and organizational resource.

It has fueled many successful people and organizations, and those who see positive energy in action recognize it and usually want to be a part of it. I have witnessed it personally through my work with The Energy Bus, and I am certain you have experienced it too.

Let's face it: You need energy to accomplish any activity.However, the practice of agriculture in this region has largely remained unattractive to the people, especially the youths for various reasons which include; low returns on time and input investments, limited access to land, low investments in infrastructure necessary for efficient value chains [ 7 Collinson MA, White MJ, Ginsburg C.

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