tom 4 angFall From India Place - Samantha Young - dokument [*.pdf] PRAISE PRAISE FOR THE NOVELS OF SAMANTHA YOUNG Before Jamaica Lane .. She was hap- pily engaged to Colin, a Scottish student she fell in love with in first . The New York Times bestselling author of On Dublin Street, Down London Road, and Before Jamaica Lane returns with a story about letting go of. Read Fall from India Place read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Fall from India Place is a Romance novel by Samantha Young.

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Jenny: Samantha Young has done it again! Fall From India Place was a deeply emotional, passionate, witty story of second chance love and I. Fall from India Place book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The New York Times bestselling author of On Dublin Street. Samantha Young is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Echoes of Scotland Street, Fall from India Place, Before Jamaica Lane, Do.. .

Five long years since her heart was shattered. After years of friendship and one passion filled night, Marco took off. Never to b Never to be seen or heard from again. This changed Hannah. It had taken a while to find my strength and independence again. It had meant hardening my heart and creating little locked doors in my soul so that only the people I trusted implicitly could ever make it inside to touch it.

He wants a chance to explain, a second chance with her. He needs her to remember who they used to be. My fault, I know. I can help you remember.

One that changes things for her. This is the point in the story that most of my issues started to surface. A lot of readers seem to have a big issue with Marco.

I felt like he was a genuine person and a good guy who made a mistake. A mistake that he repeatedly apologized for, and a mistake that he did everything in his power to rectify. It was also something he told her he would talk about when he was ready. I understood his reasons for waiting. I felt like he handled it the way most adults would. That Hannah felt the same way as he did. Where did my sweet and fun bookworm go?

I understand Hannah is in a lot of pain. What happened to her would scar anyone. But to treat the person you supposidly love like she treated Marco, it completely turned me off view spoiler [ You know this man has issues from his past. When his secret comes out, you do everything in your power to make him feel the same way he did as a kid.

Like he is worthless. I did have some sympathy for her, I understood partiallly where she was coming from, but still. Not at all.

The best part of this story? Catching up with the rest of the ODS gang! I love these characters! Seeing them all grown up with families of their own was fantastic.

Come on, eat your peas. Then there was Cole. Cole was wonderful. Such a great friend and person. I loved catching up with him and seeing him all grown up. There were scenes I really loved and even things about Hannah I loved view spoiler [ Her relationship with her one special student, how she taught adult literacy classes, and the way she was with Dylan later on in the book.

I just could never get over what she did and how she treated Marco hide spoiler ].

Overall, this is still an amazing series, even if this book missed the mark. I do see a lot of mixed reviews on this. A lot of people felt the same as me, but many of my friends loved it. If you are a fan of the series, it might be worth giving it a shot.

View all 72 comments.

Jun 29, Nikki rated it did not like it Shelves: A nice fun game of course, Ready?? Is it obvious I hated Marco with a fire of a thousand suns? Lets talk the basics. Marco and Hannah meet in high school. Marco has a rough life and Hannah has a big ole crush on this poor, tortured boy from the start. We come to find out he escaped to the US for a year, but has been back home for 4 years with a not a peep to Hannah.

No phone call, email, hey missing that hymen baby? Nope notta word. Damn I gotta spoiler this. Meanwhile, we find out he also knocked up Hannah, she almost died. But no biggie, he did the right thing by baby mamma 2. And we are supposed to forgive this asshole?? What a bitch. Are you that stupid Marco? I hate you, I loathe you, jump of a bridge somewhere.

Maybe grovel just for like a chapter or 12?? The last 2 books from this author have really been sub par. Not really much you can do to top Nate or Braden. View all 33 comments. Samantha Young's books are instant one-clicks for me, and I had such high hopes with this one but sadly it did not meet my expectations.

But arghhhhh I didn't like this story at all, I didn't like the twists pretty predictable must say, too much unnecessary drama , I didn't like characters and I didn't believe in their love story. I found nothing romantic here and sex between those two wasn't pan Samantha Young's books are instant one-clicks for me, and I had such high hopes with this one but sadly it did not meet my expectations.

I found nothing romantic here and sex between those two wasn't panty dropping. Well, lets just say that Marco is no Braden or Nate, in fact he falls short in the aspect of being hot, sexy, alpha, swooning hero. Marco was the douche, I mean it. He leaves Hannah after the event that I hated and never looks back, for five years he does not try to contact her. When they accidentally meet, he somehow reminds himself that she's the love of his life, he wants a second chance with her and literally becomes a stalker.

And his excuse for not searching for her before? Puh-lease, it was lame. One comment on that, time to put your big boy panties on and grow up already. But there's more Although he didn't have courage?

I felt like he needed some groveling after the shit he put her through, and there was none. Contrary, he seemed so sure of himself and was angry when Hannah couldn't make a decision about their relationship. But I'll only be waiting there for so long. Hannah might have been a little annoying with her hesitancy and lack of trust in Marco, but I couldn't really blame her after all he did. Seriously, this guy told her he always loved her, but do you leave someone you love without a word after view spoiler [ taking her virginity hide spoiler ] , no matter how fucked up your confidence is?

No, you don't! No wonder she had a lot of issues with giving him another chance. Nonetheless, there were few things that I liked. First, that would be snippets about Braden, Adam, Cam, Nate and their ladies. At some point I found myself only looking forward to them, to see how they lived their happily ever after. And boy did they deliver: Second was Cole.

I adore him, I do, I adore Cole!!!. We met him as a boy in Down London Road but now, this boy is all grown up and oh so wonderful. I fell in love with his character. His book is next and if the author destroys him I think I might just shoot someone. But since every second book in this series was a blast for me, considering it as a pattern, I'm strangely calm about next installment.

Third, one scene really cracked me up. When baby Beth called grean peas little fuckers and the explanation why she did that.

That was actually my favorite scene in the book and that's saying something So, guess whose daughter was it, heh? That being said, if I were to rate the book as a whole not just Hannah's story, that's 3 weak stars from me.

View all 81 comments. The timeline for the series has been fast forwarded five years so we could get Hannah's story, Ellie and Braden's little sister. Hannah's moving forward with her life but she hasn't moved on. She hasn't been able to get over her high school crush, Marco. Little does she know, he hasn't gotten over her either.

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I thought I would be a bit put off with Hannah's story, still feeling like she was too young but SY was able to let us see how she has grown up and shown her in a more mature light. I reall The timeline for the series has been fast forwarded five years so we could get Hannah's story, Ellie and Braden's little sister. I really felt for what Hannah went through.

I think the only problem is that she couldn't let go of the hurt. I also wasn't sure I would be able to resonate with Marco because in the last book, we know he wouldn't be Hannah's boyfriend. We just didn't know why and so we sort of come into this story with Marco having points against him. I was really impressed with him for the most part. Granted, he was allowed to get a little frustrated but overall he wouldn't let Hannah push him away. These two are really sexy together.

I guess it's all that pent up sexual frustration! And nothing like all the emotional drama giving you all different kinds of scenes Angry Marco was HOT! I get where Hannah is coming from but it just took a really l-o-n-g time for her to let it go and that bogged down the story a bit.

I wasn't too happy with Marco's drama either but these things happen. I was just surprised that Hannah couldn't figure that out especially with her being so smart. I did really love getting the updates on everyone but at the same it, it's A LOT and it's hard to keep straight But I did like how all the kids added to the story.

Cole, Cole, Cole I cannot wait for his story. His will definitely be easier to take because we got to know the older Cole in this book. I loved what a great best friend he was to Hannah and I'm sure she will have a big part in his story. The Epilogue was wonderful I loved the happily ever afters I just wish things were mixed up a bit and not everyone ended up the same way.

Babe, you just took out five people simultaneously on an ice rink. One year per person. That you make my universe turn. View all 49 comments. But with both of them holding back secrets , will they survive a second chance romance?

I didnt like Marco. Hannah was frustrasting, dragging out her secret and then her mixed signals. I wasnt getting their connection. The double twists did not surprise me one bit and I really disliked Marcos twist.

I was actually skipping some sex scenes. I could go on with what didnt work but Id rather not. I think if you are a fan of this a 2 stars After years apart Hannah has reunited with her first love Marco.

I think if you are a fan of this author and series I would still encourage you to check out other reviews. One thing I did like was sweet Cole all grown up. This book was just not to my liking, doesnt mean it wont suit other readers. Pre-release hmmmm Hannah's second chance romance with a "secret". We all know what that is codename for. I hope I can be proved wrong or at least it will have a good spin to it x View all 52 comments.

Nov 02, AJ rated it really liked it Shelves: Now 22 years old, Hannah is a mature, confident, sensible and responsible young woman. She is a high school English teacher with a loving family, good friends and an organised, happy life. Her peace starts to crack when a random reminiscence of the only boy she has ever loved, Marco, drags up memories from the past that she has long ago tried to forget. And what he wants is Hannah. So even though she still has strong feelings for him, she puts her walls up and pushes him away.

You made certain of that. It is refreshing and captivating. They show so much strength of character in opening up to each other, letting all of their anger, fear, and passion out.

Each little encounter between them had me on the edge of my seat. I shivered, my breath stuttering. Samantha Young writes incredible leading men, and Marco is a worthy addition to her already awesome line up! He knows he made the biggest mistake of his life letting Hannah go the way he did, and with his dedication and commitment to winning Hannah back, his openness with his feelings and his sexy swooniness, the man is absolutely perfect!

My heart broke for both Hannah and Marco as they confronted all that had happened in the past, and realised where it left them in the present. I thought the drama did start to drag on a little bit, and my palm started to get a bit twitchy with the need to slap someone, but it is resolved just in time, and in absolutely beautiful style, leaving me happy and sappy.

I loved him when he was younger earlier in the series, and I love him as an adult! And, of course, all of the characters from the previous book are involved. I loved this book! It fits beautifully into the series, and provides further proof of why Samantha Young is one of my favourite authors. View all 26 comments. Jan 12, Catarina rated it liked it Shelves: This book happens five years after the previous ones. Hanna always had a crush on Marco and thought he would never notice her.

But one night everything changes and she thinks her dream had finally become real. Except that Marco bails on her leaving hurt and scarred for the next five years. But how do you make someone love you and trust you again, w 3 Second Chance Stars. But how do you make someone love you and trust you again, when you were the one that broke that trust in first place?

Wow, I never thought I would say this, especially after completely loving all the previous book on the series, but this one missed the mark for me. Writing Style: First person. Female POV. As always, Samantha Young writes wonderfully! Character Development: Hanna… oh Hanna! Where did my little and sweet bookworm go? She is now bitter and cold and I only saw glimpses of the sweet girl she used to be.

And Marco? The great thing about this book? Seeing the previous couples after some years, with their families and I loved to see more of their lives after the happily ever after. Hot scenes. View all 39 comments. Jan 07, Geri Reads rated it really liked it. I was lucky enough to win an paperback ARC for this book that I read it immediately once it arrived in the mail. In Fall from India Place, we see Hannah all grown up. The last time we saw Hannah from Before Jamaica Lane, she was in a not-altogether healthy relationship with Marco.

They played the whole 'I want you but I don't want to want you game' for a long time. Readers know about Hannah's feelings about Marco and we see him push her away time and time again. I was a little apprehen 3. I was a little apprehensive to read this because I hate it when heroes push the girl away for some asinine reason only known to them but I liked it in this book. But Hannah wasn't quite as receptive to Marco's advances in light of their past.

I kinda suspected early on what her secret was for me it still worked. I am usually a vindictive bitch when it comes to my heroes doing something awful, albeit unknowingly, to my heroine but in this case, I could totally understand since they were both so young. So yeah, I could totally see why it happened to them. Don't get me wrong, I loved these characters. Marco and Hannah had great chemistry.

But there was something a bit off for me in this book. I was thinking maybe because of the timeline? Hannah was 23 I think in this book and I was used to seeing her as this smart awkward teenager throughout the series. God, I don't even remember what year was this book set in now. I felt that it made too much of a substantial leap forward into the future that it messed with the timeline in my head a little bit.

Other than that, I still enjoyed this book. I wasn't bothered with the info dump in the beginning of the book. I feel that it was important to give an overview of the characters since this was marketed as a standalone.

New readers wouldn't get lost because they're given a snippet of who these characters are. But I can understand why it would bother those readers who've read all the books in the series. We know these people already and we've read all about them, so we really don't want the author to recall previous details about them.

But as I've said, for new readers, the info dump can be very helpful.

Still love this series and I'm definitely looking forward to Cole's story, which would probably be set in the future. Just kidding. I hope not. View all 40 comments. This was an adult contemporary romance story, featuring Hannah and Marco. The storyline in this was about Hannah meeting Marco again at a wedding, and finding out that he had been back in Scotland for 4 years without contacting her.

Marco wanted to start a new relationship with Hannah, even after everything they ha This was an adult contemporary romance story, featuring Hannah and Marco.

The ending to this was a happily ever after. View 1 comment. Apr 06, Paula rated it liked it Shelves: Edited review: Her life is good, but there is someone missing in her life that she loves greatly — Marco, our hero, and the boy she fell head over heels in love with while in high school, but abandoned her when he abruptly leaves her after taking her virginity, leaving her broken hearted.

Which eventually turns into anger and Edited review: Which eventually turns into anger and resentment that has left her with the inability to form any kind of connection or emotional ties with another man. Thinking she will never see him again, imagine her surprise when Marco suddenly shows up in her life out of the blue, all grown up, a changed man, still in love with her, and wants her back in his life.

And will do anything to have her back. But Marco is determined and persistent. Their story has been building for a while. But the reader never truly knew what was going with them until now.

And, while I think this book should've worked for me, since I love second chance at love stories, this one did not. Marco may have his reasons for leaving, but I was still miffed with the way he left things with Hannah. Although I did like Marco once I got to know the man he had become. He definitely changed from a dark, broody teenager with secrets and became a very sweet and sexy hero that I swooned over. Unfortunately, I had big problems with Hannah. I didn't really like her.

Hannah is understandably very unhappy with Marco. He broke her heart and she felt abandoned by him. She was never the same after he left. At this point, I kept wondering what happen to the Hannah I grew to love in the beginning. She became the kind of heroine that would cut and run when the going got tough. And she fought Marco on everything.

What it boils down to is that me and Hannah just did not mesh well. I never did download into the half-ass explanation from Marco as to why he left five years ago and never got back in touch with Hannah. I was frustrated. And I wanted a better explanation! But he does own up to what he did and spends a good majority of the book trying to convince Hannah to be with him.

I give him credit where credit is due, he didn't run from Hannah, when I wished he did many times. I have mad love for this series. But this book was weak and left me feeling unsatisfied and frustrated. I really liked the writing style and visiting with the couples from the other books.

They had some really sweet and sexy moments that made me smile and laugh. But there were just too many other things Hannah! Samantha Young truly is a talented writer and I still plan to continue to read her On Dublin Street series.

Happy Reading! View 2 comments. Jan 12, Beverly rated it liked it. If you have read the other books, you have seen peaks of these two… Unfortunately for me I think that may have set this up to fail. I have waited forever, read 6 books, to find out what the deal is with Hannah and Marco…only to learn their issues both were What really bothered me about this book is the flow… I mean really 3 Stars This is the much anticipated story of Hannah and Marco.

What really bothered me about this book is the flow… I mean really?!? This book is less than page but felt so long. Marco was great, but after a while lost some respect for him…I mean really?? I may be being harder on this book then it deserves because I expected so much after the glimpse and speculation. I love Samantha Young and so wanted to love this one too.

View all 38 comments. Nov 05, Renata Ribeiro rated it liked it Shelves: So, I've finally read this book! Suprisingly it didn't was 5 stars: I expected Hanna's book since On Dublin Street, she was this outspoken, smart and super sarcastic girl, really kind of awesome, but Hanna changed as the years had passed. The book advances 5 years in the timeline, and we are presented for a 22 year old Hanna, now a school teacher.

She still is smart and make the funniest comments, but we can see that something is off with her, and as the book progress we see what happened between So, I've finally read this book!

She still is smart and make the funniest comments, but we can see that something is off with her, and as the book progress we see what happened between her and her high school sweetheart Marco D'Alessandro, and guys the thing with them had ended very ugly, but Hanna don't think about it anymore, IT MAY BE A SPOILER until at a wedding he burts into her life again. I liked the book, but some things that was in the other books wasn't in this one, at least for me: I knew it, when I don't quite like someone from the start I rarely change my opinion.

I don't know, I found Marco too demanding Sure, she didn't make it easy for him, but he was too persistent in annoying ways, especially in the beggining. I kind of understood her. But, a plus in this book of course are the second characters, as awesome as usual on Samantha Young's books. And with the addtion of Marco and O hide spoiler ] the Sunday lunch is exploding, I must say.

Now, the part of the book wich I liked the most was near the end, Hanna comes back to her senses, and there's a really sad part wich somehow helps her to not be scared of living anymore. The end itself it's really sweet and I loved it, we can see that Hanna finally is happy again too bad I still didn't get to grow fond of Marco Even though Fall from India Place didn't reach that part of me that the others had reached, still is a must read for us, lovers of this series.

In Before Jamaica Lane we see a little glimpse of Hanna and Marco, and Olivia while watching they talking, thinks that Marco it's a broody guy, hmm I kind have a thing for this: We'll have two books of On Dublin Street Series next year, that just made my day! And it's Hannah's book, I've loved her since 1st book, but I kinda always shiped her and Cole Jo's brother so, I'm a little disappointed: But, I will get over! Because I know that Samantha Young makes impossible to dislike any of her heroes.

Soo, I guess now it's just wait View all 6 comments. Fall From India Place was no different, and as usual I loved it! Having Marco, her first love, crush her heart and leave her with no explanation 4.

Having Marco, her first love, crush her heart and leave her with no explanation is one thing, but the repercussions made the heartbreak almost unbearable. Thankfully, she had her friends and ever growing family at her back to help her get through those dark days. The reappearance of Marco in her life throws her for a loop bringing back all the memories and heartache.

What throws Hannah even more is the fact he wants another chance. It made it very easy to understand why she was so hesitant to let Marco back in. The whole family was, but Hannah was more honest with these two. I was a little disappointed Hannah held back with them, a fault she comes to realize and tries to correct. The On Dublin Street crowd is growing bigger and bigger with cute personalities everywhere. A copy was provided by NAL in exchange for an honest review.

View all 30 comments. Jul 24, Chan rated it really liked it. I put off continuing this series because the next one was about Hannah and I watched her grow up. But Samantha Young did a great job with creating a strong, independent woman. I struggled through the beginning because of all the flash backs.

I was rolling my eyes very hard when each one appeared. Just start the story at the beginning and tell it all the way through. I have one major issue with this story Women cannot escape this responsibility. This story upset me because Samantha perpetuated societal normalcy of men leaving sexual responsibilities. It was her first time, definitely not his. Not Cool. View all 10 comments. Nov 13, Yonaily rated it it was ok Shelves: I was really excited when I finally got to read Hannah's story, but now that I'm finished, I can't say I liked it.

I am disappointed. This was not the book I'd thought it would be. There were parts when I felt I was gonna like it, but then something happened that made me change my mind. Hannah was really annoying! I didn't like her because fo her insecurities. I get it, Hannah: She needed to get over Marco. I understand why she was afraid of falling for someone, but it became hard to read the book because I couldn't stand the main character.

She was sweet, though. I liked the relationship between her and her students. After Braden says that she owes Ellie an apology if she's already convinced that she doesn't love him, Joss decides to be brave and goes to Ellie, comforting her and saying that she loves her and she'd make it. The next day, while Ellie is still trying to relax before her upcoming surgery, Joss and Braden are in a heated argument in which Braden throws harsh words to hurt her. He pushes her over the edge when he lies to her, saying that he slept with another woman.

Hurt and angered, Joss throws plates at him and claims to hate him, while Braden tries to comfort her and ensures that he hasn't been with anyone but her. Still angered but confused about this whole mess, Joss suggests that they should talk after Ellie's full recovery. Braden uses this moment and tells Joss that he loves her and that he'll do everything to make sure she stays his. Joss calls him crazy while Ellie defends her brother, saying that "he's fighting for what he wants". This is also Adam's cue and he appears and declares his love for Ellie in front of his best friend, which Braden accepts without problems, since he already knew about their feelings.

He had waited for Adam to go after his sister and called both, because of their "arguments," a nuisance. Annoyed by this fact, Joss walks out but uses her time to congratulate her friend and being happy for her. In the final moments, it turns out that Ellie's surgery went well and she tries to bring Joss and Braden back together by saying that Braden has been out with a beautiful woman who might be the manager of Fire.

Joss starts to feel upset but thinks it's the best this way. She also decides to fly back to Virginia to deal with her family's death and probably stay there permanently, but is stopped by Braden, who is angry at Joss for still being stubborn about her feelings and trying to do something alone without asking him. When he rips up her ticket, Joss unleashes her full anger and yells at him, saying that she was safe with not caring for someone until him and he should stop trying to fix her.

Braden convinces her of his sincerity in his feelings for her and that she isn't as broken as she thinks she is, and Joss finally admits her love for him and both end up having sex together as a real couple. Joss also confides in Braden all her memories of her family and is happy that Braden loves her just the way she is. At the end, Joss realizes that she's still far from finally moving on but with the help of Braden, she'll be able to find her own peace, truly recover from her past and find a brand new start in life, alongside the new people she met and will meet.

Two years later, it turns out that she and Braden will marry and when everyone waits on Joss and asks if she's all right, Joss replies simply with "I'm ready" - ready to take on whatever may come. Jocelyn Butler known as Joss and only called Jocelyn by Braden is the main protagonist of the series and the daughter of Luke and Sarah and sister to Beth Butler.

She grew up in foster homes until she turned 18 years old and inherited her parents' wealth. She is the best friend of Rhian, until she becomes attached to Ellie and even closer friends with Johanna Walker. Joss is years-old and known as a short, straightforward, attractive and tough young woman with dirty blonde hair, a husky voice and cat-like gray eyes. She tries to become a writer and gets inspiration out of the deep love of her parents.

Because of her aloof, sarcastic and stubborn behavior, she is an irresistible challenge for men, yet there are moments where she would behave immature and inconsiderate. She has been in love with Braden the first moment they met and is thankful for having him and his family in her life. In the end, it turns out that she's going to marry him at age 24 and will become Jocelyn Carmichael.

Braden Carmichael is the male lead, years-old and nicknamed 'The Suit'. He had been married to Analise who cheated on him with his former friend, Gavin, and had a fling with Holly before dumping her for Joss. He and Ellie have the same father, Douglas Carmichael and even though he has his mother Evelyn, he prefers Ellie's family over her.

Braden has brown hair, ice-blue eyes and is described as intimidating on first glance, attractive, intelligent, dominant and a smart-ass, yet an extremely caring and protective person who cares deeply about his friends in his surroundings and would go great lengths to protect those, he loves.

He is able to outsmart Joss and confusing her but is stunned by her quick-wit, strength and her confidence, things which made him fall in love with her in first place. While everyone calls her Joss, Braden calls her Jocelyn because Joss is more of a boys' name and Jocelyn brings out her sexy, sweet and needy side. Braden is an excellent business man and owns Club Fire. He's a loving and over-protective brother to Ellie and loves his best friend Adam as the brother he never had.

He proposes to Joss and she accepts, both becoming "The Carmichaels".

Ellie Nichols-Carmichael is Braden's year-old sister and becomes Joss' closest friend. She has blonde hair, ice-blue eyes and is described as a tall, sweet, caring, beautiful and bubbly woman.

She and Braden share the same father but she has with Clark Nichols a stepfather and with Hannah and Declan younger half-siblings. She has been in love with Adam since she was years-old and pursued him for almost 10 years, but Adam always rejected her because he didn't want to lose her or Braden. They become a couple before Ellie's successful surgery. Ellie is known for being open-hearted, optimistic and a caring friend and already loving Joss without knowing her too well.

She is the first who wins Joss' love immediately, although Joss at first claims, being not interested in Ellie's or Braden's life. She hated Braden's girlfriends Vicky, Holly and Analise and is glad that Joss has managed to get her brother's heart. Like Braden is to her, Ellie is very over-protective over Braden and would always watch out for him. She has her own story written in a diary style, "Until Fountain Bridge". Adam Gerard Sutherland is Braden's best friend and years-old.

He has been Ellie's love interest for 10 years but never pursued her because of his close friendship to both, her and Braden. Adam is relaxed, handsome and Braden's most trusted man in business.

He shows his protective side over Ellie when she attempts to go on a date with another person. He declares and confesses his feelings for Ellie when he realizes that he could lose her over surgery, which Braden accepts afterwards, since he knew about their developing relationship beforehand.

Johanna "Jo" Walker is Joss' co-worker in Club 39 and years-old. She has a younger brother named Cole and lives with him and her mother in a little apartment in London Road. Jo is misunderstood as a gold digger because she dates older men with money, when in truth, she tries to pay food and clothes for her brother.

She raises Cole as if he was her own child, which is why Joss admires her so much. Jo is known for being extremely beautiful, tall, clever, caring and having a smart mouth, yet she is unsure about herself. She is, without knowing it, the most mature and responsible character, since she raised Cole on her own and managed to keep him safe, although she had been abused. She has her own story in "Down London Road". Craig Lanagan is Joss' and Jo's co-worker and works as the barkeeper.

He is 25, good-looking with brown hair and blue eyes and has underneath his playboy behavior a caring and generous side.

Samantha Young

He has two sisters Jeannie and Meghan, is protective over his mom and has a sexual interest in Joss because of her challenging attitude. Sarah Butler is Joss' mother, of whom Joss inherited her personality. She was a fierce, strong and independent woman and didn't care about other people's opinion of her, to which Braden points out that she reminds him of a certain someone, meaning Joss.

Luke Butler is Joss' father of whom Joss inherited her eyes. She describes her eyes as the prettiest features on herself. Elizabeth 'Beth' Butler is Joss' little sister whom she loved very much and of whom she has dear memories.

Elodie Nichols: Ellie's mother and Half-Scottish, Half-French. She is optimistic, affectionate, welcoming and a wonderful mother who takes good care of her children, including Braden and Joss and makes sure, they all right. She's later nicknamed as the "Family Monarch" of the "Family Tribe". Clark Nichols: Elodie's husband and father of Hannah and Declan.

He's attentive, smart and a wise man who treats Braden like a son and is proud of Ellie's accomplishments. He's three years younger than Elodie but still the facial authority figure, even if Elodie is called the leader of the tribe. Hannah Nichols is Ellie's year-old, pretty, clever but shy, later sarcastic, snarky and outgoing sister.

She likes reading and adores Braden very much. She becomes Cole's best friend. Declan "Dec" Nichols is Ellie's year-old brother who rarely talks and often argues with Hannah.

He idolizes Braden and is often occupied with his own things. Rhian and James:Young dives deep into the psyche of what makes a person tick emotionally, what stirs their vulnerability, and ultimately provides them the courage to be better indi- viduals as well as partners.

The Tote Bag is perfect for book signings! Jul 24, Chan rated it really liked it. While Braden, upset and hurt, gets advice from Elodie, Joss crashes at Jo's apartment and seeks help from Dr.


Ellie is known for being open-hearted, optimistic and a caring friend and already loving Joss without knowing her too well. Never mind that now keeping that promise meant embarrassing myself and them with my fant- astically awful drawing skills. When they accidentally meet, he somehow reminds himself that she's the love of his life, he wants a second chance with her and literally becomes a stalker.

She was sweet and loyal, and she cared a great deal about her new students.