Reign: Enchiridion - The REIGN Enchiridion contains the essential rules Arc Dream Publishing. ADD TO WISHLIST >. Selected Option: PDF. If you want Reign but pretty much fluff free then >Reign Enchiridion ://www. Click here to download an archive of various formats, PDF included. . A bonus attendant on the funding of the REIGN Enchiridion, this is a one-roll tool for.

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Reign Enchiridion (PDF Version) [RPG Item Version Link] REIGN: A Game of Lords and Leaders expands the frontiers of fantasy roleplaying games by. This is a compilation of the last 9 pdf threads, and the rpg Reign Enchiridion . There was a thread a couple days ago about Reign, the game by Greg Stolze. For Reign spend then ten bucks on the Enchiridion PDF.

I think most, if not all, of the mechanical problems of the nWoD would go away in a puff of smoke if the game was converted to ORE I've considered adopting the mechanic myself, but God only knows how I'd go about assigning Expert and Master dice to every beastie out there.

The system uses a d10 dice pool, only success is gauged by obtaining a group of dice with bthe same result a Set. For instance, if you roll 7d10 and it comes up as 1, 3, 5, 5, 5, 8, 8, you have two Sets of matching dice, described as 3x5 and 2x8.

The number of matching dice with a given value is called Width, and determines how fast you perform your action; the value on the dice is called Height and gives you degree of success.

No dice pool can ever exceed 10 dice. Excess dice are ignored.

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Superior degrees with power or skill are expressed using Expert dice which are automatic 10s and Master dice which the player can set to any desired value. If you're under penalty, though, they're the first to go. I don't have the Enchiridion; what I have is the original hardcover, complete with crazy setting and other goodies.

The Enchiridion was an attempt to "generalize" Reign into a DIY system for fantasy, but I suspect it was too little, too late. The interface between these two types of games is well detailed and this system allows for kingdom-level action. The Merits of The Alternative Reign shares many of the same strengths as Savage Worlds; tactical richness, accounting for unworthy opponents and a tool-box approach which permits for creative setting-building.

Each character can have one of each of the three different varieties of passion; a mission which must be accomplished, a duty which governs your life and a selfish craving which you fall prey to.

You receive either a mechanical bonus when you act with your passions, or an equivalent penalty when you act contrary to them. Reign also comes with a series of tools for random generation of characters, of spells and of monsters.

These one roll characters, one roll spells and one roll monsters help the game master and a ton of fun to beat. You know what I said earlier about the merits of economical, portable and attractive books?

This holds true for Reign: Enchiridion as well. I currently have two copies of the book and I am grateful that I have a spare copy to loan out to friends or use in game.

By using more free-form skills, there is a bit more room for creativity and no two characters are the same. This allows Spark RPG to be focused on utility across multiple genres, rather than being optimized for a single genre like Reign.

Spark is built on the principle that physical, mental and social tasks are of equal importance. As a result, there is less emphasis on specific combat maneuvers, defensive options or precise definition of harm.

Personally I think the more generalized approach leads to games that I am more likely to enjoy. Summary Reign is a captivating game, optimized for telling stories of great deeds in fantasy worlds of your imaginings. It is a game suitable for rich combat, for larger scale strategic pursuits with the company rules and for excellent roleplaying opportunities.As a result, there is less emphasis on specific combat maneuvers, defensive options or precise definition of harm.

You might want to look at REIGN's Company Rules, which provide a framework for running large organizations merchant houses, thieves' guilds A Game of Lords and Leaders. Secrets of Sorcery shows exactly how to build your own spells and schools from the ground up. Another mini-setting, this time examining fantasy races like elves and orcs from a firm basis in fantasy genetics.

To Date [? The only difference is an invasion of telepathic aliens who have no idea how to fight head-blind humanity. Reign also comes with a series of tools for random generation of characters, of spells and of monsters.