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The Captive Series by Erica Stevens Renegade (The Captive #2) Though . [1 -6 + ] The Captive Series Bundle Books - Erica Read "Renegade (The Captive Series Book 2)" by Erica Stevens available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Professionally. Erica Stevens is the author of the Captive Series, Kindred Series, Fire & Ice Series, Ravening Series, cover image of Renegade (The Captive Series Book 2).

It wasn't until he pulled away to wipe the tears from her silken cheeks that he realized he cared for her far more than he had been willing to admit to himself. It wasn't until she rested her forehead against his chest and began to sob heavily that he realized they were both doomed.

He has to know why she left. As the secrets are brought into the light, Braith realizes his love for Arianna is still very real.

Even though they love each other they know they cannot be together. For everything that they would lose, and could never have. But it was impossible to feel sad when he was holding her. As the story progresses, Arianna tries to go back to her family. Braith tries to return to the palace. They physically cannot stay away from each other.

Braith takes Arianna deep into the woods. Ergo giving up his rights to the throne and turning his back from his father the King. His presence was overwhelming, and yet so blissfully soothing.

His hands were caressing as they slid over her, pushing aside her clothes to brush over her skin.

Erica Stevens

No one is exactly who they seem to be. Arianna and Braith find out why their connection is so strong. Every day is a struggle to get through, and the only solace she is able to find is with Max, her best friend, and fellow captive. Though Max does not understand her bond to Braith, he knows some of what she endured, and helps to ease some of the tattered pieces of her soul.

Aria slowly begins to salvage the broken parts of her wounded spirit by throwing herself into the wonder of the woods she had so greatly missed, and the secure and reassuring love that Max freely gives her. Her world is thrown into a tailspin again though when a marauding group of vampires destroy the caves she had found temporary shelter in.

Scattered about the forest, seeking to stay hidden and find her family, Aria is stunned when Braith, the monster that savaged her heart, reappears. Stunned by his sudden arrival in her world, Arianna is uncertain if he has come to recapture her, or to kill her for daring to escape. Refugee The Captive 3 Whispers, rumors, and horror stories abound about The Barrens and the strange creatures that lurk within them.

Though he once knew the powerful vampires that are rumored to reside within The Barrens, he is unsure what to expect if they succeed in finding them. He will do whatever is necessary though to ensure a future for himself and Aria.

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She is fascinated and amazed by the world they uncover within, one that is unlike anything she has ever seen before. It will be her. Salvation The Captive 4 Imprisoned by Caleb and at the mercy of the king, Aria is determined not to let them break her.

Fighting against the darkness which threatens to drag him into its tempting depths, Braith struggles not to become like the one thing he hates the most, his father. Faced with their own separate challenges, Aria and Braith must come to terms with who they are, what they want, and the likelihood that they can never be together as the inevitable war looms on the horizon. A war that all of them will fight but not all of them will survive.

Having left the palace behind in order to ensure that the outer towns are obeying the new laws, Jack struggles to come to terms with the grief and haunting memories that drove him from the palace in the first place. That is, until he encounters Hannah. I love the chemistry between Braith and Aria. I think the passion, desire and all consuming love that Braith feels for Aria is simply HOT, but enough is enough already.

This Ahhhhhh, another cliffhanger!!! I really wish that Ms.

Stevens would have wrapped up this storyline and moved on to Max or William or one of the other characters for this series to continue but Im three books in now so I guess I will sit back and wait YET again to find out if Braith and Aria get their HEA.

This series has just amazed me. Sometimes you truly come upon an unexpected jewel and this series is a jewel! Braith's bound to Aria is continuing to intensify. He is more deadly and determined now than he has ever been. However his allies are deceiving him. Planning behind is back to take away the most precious thing to him, Aria. The humans and vampires have joined forces to over throw the king.

Their thought is the only one capable to do that is Braith. In order for peace to reign they believe This series has just amazed me. In order for peace to reign they believe Braith must reign, which will not happen if his bond is completed with Aria.

This ends in a cliffy! Love it!

View 1 comment. Sep 09, Jaime Two Chicks on Books rated it really liked it. Getting better with each book! On to book 4! Thoroughly enjoyed this 3rd book in the Captive Series by Erica Stevens. The story keeps moving forward as Braith and Arianna head towards what appeared to be an inevitable future. Unfortunately they saw that future differently, especially as the vampires surrounding them made it painfully clear to Aria that the future Braith envisioned would never come to pass.

I was on the edge of my seat from the Prologue! My heart was already breaking for these lovers and we had no idea what would happen or w Thoroughly enjoyed this 3rd book in the Captive Series by Erica Stevens. My heart was already breaking for these lovers and we had no idea what would happen or when. As the book went on I became concerned that it would become formulaic - Ms.

Stevens had outlined what their path would be, they headed down it and then BAM! And was extremely happy to be thrown off the proverbial cliff.

Can't wait for the 4th book to come out! Aug 18, Tricia rated it it was amazing. Still loving this series, even after the 3rd book. Now onto the 4th Mar 01, Justin rated it did not like it. Well, that series went to crap. This one wasn't even a story, it was like the first half of a boring epic novel that got split into 2 books maybe. Jul 27, Tarisa Marie rated it liked it.

Ok, Braith, you're psychotic. The writing is good and the story still entertaining so I will continue. That is all. This book is a vast improvement over the last book "Renegade.

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It's got potential, the execution is all wrong though The romance in this book was a bit more subtle than the last book, but I still skipped many make out scenes because it was just too much, and I just didn't care The romance was still really smothering and overbearing. He is so possessive.

Aria's ch This book is a vast improvement over the last book "Renegade. Aria's character has gotten a bit better in this book which is great. Some new characters are introduced, and we learn more about the rebels and actually get to spend more time with them in this book! There seemed to be more of an actual plot in this book which is good. But oh gosh that ending Onto the next book!

Well crap!!!!! That ending left me screaming at my site. Braith and Aria have amazing chemistry and I was so happy when he finally started to catch onto Jacks little plan but hopefully none of that will matter after the ending I just read because it cannot happen CANNOT happen.

I will not make it if it does happen. On one hand I hope Braith does keep it together like she wants but on the other I'm fuming so I want him to go in there crazed and murderous to get her back. Loved all the character Well crap!!!!! Loved all the character developments in this book, Ashby and Gideon have both grown on me so much.

In the words of Aria and William "I'm scared of the unknown" of this story Can't wait for book This has become one of my absolute favourite series if all time. It gets better with each book. So beautifully written with amazingly strong characters.

I love the passion between Braith and Aria, they have such an intense, consuming relationship and some really amazing scenes in this book. So glad that book 4 is out and ready to read because after that ending I don't think i could wait to find out what happens next.

May 23, Rachel rated it really liked it Shelves: UGHH I knew shit was about to go down, it was just a matter of time! I wanted to rip my hair out in this one. Why can they not just be together dammit! Book 4 better not disappoint, and to be honest it is not looking so good. Apr 10, Swathi rated it it was amazing.

I've truly only felt this bone-deep terror once in my entire reading experience- and that was at the end of Sarah J. Maas's Empire of Storms.

Renegade (The Captive Series Book 2)

But this I think I can honestly say that I'm trembling in fear and anticipation, after that horrendous ending. Jun 17, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another great addition to the series, I could feel the tension and life altering choices building Onto the next book!!!

Apr 13, Kbrazell rated it liked it. Seriously like months. Which for someone who reads a book in days is a long long time. I guess it was because this was more a filler book??

Overall this wasn't a bad read. It wasn't as good as I had hoped. I did like how she came across some important people in her life. Even in times like this it's good to see your loved ones.

I'm still going to read the last one. I want to see how this all plays out. Mar 07, Katie rated it it was ok. Where do I Start! The Connection that Braith and Arianna had was breathless I was in Awe every time they were with-in reach of each other. And it was so Amazing to see two people that were f Wow! And it was so Amazing to see two people that were from two Completely different worlds and had So many odds Stacked against them that they were able to get through So Much.

I mean it was beautiful BUT that was not the whole focus in the book, Which was great to have a couple different things going on at the same time. It really held my attention and had me longing for MORE! Basically the book picks back up where it left off in the 2nd Book "Renegade". But times are changing and people want more, People want freedom, People want to be Equal.

So that's when they set on an endless action packed Adventure to Find Allies in Humans and Vampire's and build an Army to stand and fight with them against the King and his people. There plan is to overthrow the King and Braith being the next in line and the Leader in the Rebellion is to step forward an claim what is rightfully his.

But Arianna has come to question her place in all of this and wonders if she'll ever be Accepted as their Queen! It's just really Amazing the world that Erica has created. She's a wonderful writer and it really shows in this Book! But I do recommend that if you haven't read book 1 and 2 read that first so you get the full experience of the Series. Happy Reading! I enjoy this story line, but am struggling with writing this review. This book for me is more like 3. Jack annoyed me, and Braith and Aria annoyed me in some cases too.

In part because Aria seems to make choices that although meant to help, puts her in danger and pushes Braith to react in a way she is then annoyed about. It makes you realize she is just 17 and that there is no way these 2 people belong together. She wants to protect him, but is mad when he wants to protect her.

I can understan I enjoy this story line, but am struggling with writing this review. I can understand it, I really can because I don't think I could take someone trying to tell me what to do all the time either.

For example, they go into the Barrens and encounter vampires who are starving or have been outcast Braith tries to warn her on how to behave, but she pushes back or rushes into things to show she can take of herself.

I like that she is strong, but sometimes it is excessive. I'm not quite sure what to think of GideonI was so confused. Like I said in my review for the first book in this series, Captured, I only decided to read the second book becuase of the ending. His pride and anger will not be sooth until Aria is found and made to pay for her sins.

They had been willing to die for her while she had been falling in love with one of their greatest enemies. I can usually predict what will happen fairly easy while reading young adult books, but this one had me held captive by its words the whole time. Heart Recaptured. View all 11 comments. Although she is freed from the palace, rescued from her place as a blood slave, Aria is haunted by way of the stories of her time spent in the fort, affected by stories of Braith, the prince that betrayed her and shattered her middle.