First pages are exciting,fast, thrilling then later on it becomes similar experience. However, I liked this book because Its different, Little bit of philosophy. - download Narmade Har Har book online at best prices in India on site .in. Read Narmade Har Har book reviews & author details and more at. ||Narmade Har||. Analytical report submitted to Discover India Program Committee, FLAME for partial fulfilment of Discover India Program six credit course.

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Recently I read the book Narmade Har Har by Jaganaath Kunte. Indian People are generally spiritual. But sometimes we become superstitious. Har Narmade Har_part 6 - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. tapobhumi narmada. Jagannath Kunte, the mentor of many followers (sadhak's) and the famous writer of Narmade Har Har (the base of His popularity) and the later.

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Ganamrutha Varna Malika With Notation. download this book in a Combo. Then you can start reading site books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer — no site device required. E-Gift Couponclick here. Ships from and sold by Musee Musical Pvt Ltd. Using the latest browser ensures you the fastest, richest and most secure experience possible, not just for our site, but all sites you visit. Today I can uninhibitedly declare that I have not been born into a poor world.

Just like one cannot conclude that a city is poor and unhappy by witnessing only the dark and dirty slums that constitute only a part of it and overlook its grandeur and luxury, similarly it is wrong to call the spirit of India frail and dilapidated by overlooking its treasure-trove of liveliness and concluding only from the daily vagaries of lifes struggles.

I have never been tired of witnessing what I have, along the banks of Narmada, for the last two years. I have been surprised at every corner. Every dawn, dusk and midnight has greeted me with the realization of that common thread that binds every entity of this world and as I sat in the caves of sages, the atmosphere charged with the pure smell of ritualistic offerings inside dense forests, I felt elation in my heart witnessing the diversification of that singularity and cried out: Kohyebanyat Kah Praanat Jadesh Akash Anando Na Syat?

Once again I prostrated and offered my reverence to the India that is draped in the cloth of the universal mother and harbors and nurtures the truth that percolates our material and spiritual existence.

Suddenly a voice behind me brought me to my senses. My train of thoughts met a premature end. A boatman carrying a pile of wood on his shoulders looked at me and said, Do you plan to spend the whole night out in the cold? All the people travelling by the boat have left. Where do you plan to stay?

I replied, Vimaleshwar temple is nearby. I would spend the night there.

He started laughing at my words. With a tone of sarcasm he said, The temple you have heard about is only so in theory. It is made of Khaprel stone and is completely in ruins. There is a cave where Shiva dwells and nobody comes with offerings for Him. Vimaleshwar is a very small village and does not have any guest house or Dharamshala.

The temple too is uninhabitable. Come with me and I will arrange for you to sleep inside the boat for the night. Startled at his words, I looked around and saw that it was quite dark. I hadnt even noticed the sun setting. The man once again hurried me saying, Please get up Baba, and come with me.

The forest is nearby. I cannot leave you here alone. I got up, took my gathri, jhola, and kamandul and began to follow him.

I thought to myself that these were the characteristics of the simple people of India, another aspect of the countrys greatness.

I climbed up some wooden stairs and entered the boat.

Inside the boat there were two covered areas. Under one, people were baking Roti. Three other men were smoking cannabis and singing: Tum hi neek lagai Raghurai So mohi dehu Das such dai which meant, O King of the Raghu lineage, your wish is the command of your followers, grant us whatever you desire.

The simplicity and sense of surrender that characterizes these words of Tulsidas in the preface of his book Ramcharitmanas has not only made it soulful and touching but has, for years, transpired into the lives of millions. Such a feeling emanating from the diaspora of Indias spiritual heritage is unparalleled. These simple souls forget all the harsh experiences encountered during the course of the day just by treating themselves with the sweet nectar emanating from taking the name of the Lord.

Once again they sang with devotion: Ek vaani Karunanidhan ki So priya jake gati na anki which meant, the nature of the compassionate Ram is that He loves most the one who is helpless and has no way out. This heavenly music combined with the ambience consisting of a boat standing amidst the sea waves in the darkness of dusk had a profound impact on my senses.

I stood still for a couple of minutes absorbing it. The chief urged me to take a place and I went inside the boat.

The men were still singing: Jar chetan Jag Jeebaje sakal Rammay jani Bando Sabke Padakamal Sada jori yug paani which meant, I know that everything living or dead in the world and life itself is just a manifestation of Lord Ram so I worship the lotus feet of all with folded hands. I felt that this song was extremely timely and successful. It created a stir in my conscience. Tulidas, you are blessed. Your words has ensured that even the material world can serve as a source of spirituality which otherwise is perceived separate and disconnected.

Just the words everything is a manifestation of Lord Ram sparkles like glittering diamonds in the golden jewel that Indias rich spiritual heritage represents.

In reality I should indeed worship the lotus feet of all the sages and yogis whose love and care has made my voyage through the northern banks so memorable.

I remembered their names to the best of my abilities and offered my reverence. The voice of the boatmen had subsided. They have probably sat for dinner. I draped myself in a blanket and lay down.

Narmade har har- blend of mysticism and exceptional writing skills.

Today was the 30th day of the 7th month Kartik of the year in the Bengali calendar. Today was also the day of Vishnupadi Sankranti, a religious festival. A number of households in Bengal would be celebrating this day with ritualistic worshipping of Lord Kartik. I have learnt from Mahatma Pushan Giriji that Kartik is just another name of Lord SanatKumar who is the physical representation of the divine knowledge or Brahmavidya.

I slept till the wee hours of the morning.

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Upon coming out I saw that there was a dense fog that had engulfed everything around us. The vegetation on the shores was not visible. I went back into the boat and sat down. After some time when the fog cleared, I collected my things, hugged two of the boatmen and took my leave. I went down the wooden stairs and placed my feet on the southern banks of Narmada. The early morning sunrays penetrated the leaves and kissed the stone surfaces. Behind the sea lay the northern banks. I locked the happy memories of my experiences into the treasure chest of my mind and proceeded with greater enthusiasm to collect more of the same from the southern banks of Narmada.

Today is the 1st day of the Bengali month Agrahayan With the chant of Reba in my tongue I came up from the sea-shore to the stony path that went towards the Vimaleshwar temple. I walked humming the song of offerings for the rising sun and reached the place in ten minutes. The ruins of the temple greeted my eyes and made me sad.

The boat man was right; probably there was grandeur to this place once but at the moment everything was in a poor shape. Three supports made of khapral stone on three sides has ensured that the main temple would not fall down. If one proceeds through the main door one reaches a pond in which the Vimaleshwar Lingam resides. The great sage Markendaya had spoke of Vimaleshwar as follows: Once Uma, the wife of Lord Shiva had sent her consort to deceive the wives of the sages in the wooden forest Daruvan.

Shivas image was tarnished by this act and He had performed religious austerities here to become pure Vimal. From then on he has been eternally residing here under the name of Vimaleshwar. Vimalahasou yato jatastenasau Vimaleshwarah Ten namna swayang tasthou lokanang hitakammaya Rebakhand, section I have also read in the Udyog section of the epic Mahabharata that Twasta, a member of the celestial clan Prajapati had given birth to a son called Trishira in order to defeat Indra, the king of Gods.

Similar to the sun, moon and fire gods, Trishira had three faces. He used to recite the Vedas with one, drink liquor with another and with the third watch the world with an ever-steady gaze.

Upon instructions from his father, Trishira performed austere penances to take over Indras position. However on knowing this, Indra panicked and killed him. Due to this grave sin of killing a Brahman Indra came to this place and meditated till his sins were forgiven.

Even the sun god Surya and Brahma, one of the holy Trinity had performed religious austerities here. In addition, the sage Rishwashringa along with his wife Shanta had come here to perform penances to ward off sins accrued by eating the food meant for kings. He was the son of another great sage called Bihandak who was also responsible for conducting a divine ritual yajna called Putresti under the directions of king Dasharatha. Other circumambulators have told me that other than those mentioned above, several sages have, at different times, come to this spot for performing austerities to ward off their sins making this place truly remarkable in its abilities to cleanse one off his vices.

Such is the fame of the place that be it the desire to remove the effects of transgressions committed in daily lives with and without intention or attaining success in meditation that has been long sought for, everyone says lets go to Vimaleshwar.

The Lord would forgive all sins and purge all vices. To see the ruins of such a famous place made me extremely sad.During festivals like Vyatipata-Yog that herald inauspicious happenings , Shiva Chaturdashi day before the new moon or the Kartik and Baisaki the seventh and first lunar months Purnima full moon day there are fairs held at this place.

As soon as I stood up I heard someone laughing out loud shaking from head to toe.

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You prayed thousands of hours for them to give you a Darshan! The boat man was right; probably there was grandeur to this place once but at the moment everything was in a poor shape. Just reached in time to have some thoughts from Shree. I had been on a trip to a place called Tabra in the northern side of the river.