Down the Rabbit Hole book cover, Holly Author, Holly Madison. Genre, Memoir Nonfiction. Published, June 23, Publisher, Dey Street Books · ISBN · Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny is. Rate this book To ask other readers questions about Down the Rabbit Hole, please sign up. Most Talkative by Andy Cohen Drinking and Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders by Brandi Glanville Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison. Down the Rabbit Hole and millions of other books are available for instant access . . At 21, small-town Oregon girl Holly Cullen became Holly Madison, Hugh.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Fascinating.” (AV Club) “Reads like a celebrity memoir infused with Add Audible book to your download for just $ . But like Alice's journey into Wonderland, after Holly plunged down the rabbit hole, what. But like Alice's journey into Wonderland, after Holly plunged down the rabbit hole , of personal empowerment, Down the Rabbit Hole reminds us of the importance of ISBN: ; ISBN ; Imprint: Dey Street Books. 1 girlfriend Holly Madison (who lived in the mansion for nearly eight years) wrote a tell-all memoir about her experience in Hef's house, Down the Rabbit Hole, and her revelations are both __. Topicsbooksholly madison.

It was light, funny, and unusual. I, like I assume most readers of this book, was curious. First of all, this book is poorly written.

See a Problem?

The amount of parentheses and exclamation marks is excessive. Sometimes thoughts are in italics, other times in quotations. The phrases "to be honest," or "honestly" are overused. The entire book is supposed to be an honest opinion or story, so I don't understand why these phrases I read this book because watching The Girls Next Door was a guilty pleasure of mine.

The entire book is supposed to be an honest opinion or story, so I don't understand why these phrases require such frequent use. I could go on and on about this aspect. Also, Ms Madison doesn't take much of the blame for the dissolution of any of the friendships or relationships she discusses. She often "feels sorry" for the people around her, then delves into a description of her low self-esteem.

She has somehow combined superiority with a victim mentality.

Nothing is ever her fault, she tries her hardest, and that makes her better than you. I have nothing to say about the revelations she made about the mansion, Playboy, or Mr Hefner, besides the fact that if she said it once in this book, she said it a hundred times. Everyone makes mistakes in their youth.

At first, we may not seem them as big mistakes. Then they're the worst thing that's ever happened to us. Finally we figure out that the truth is somewhere in between. It seems like Ms Madison is still in that second phase. I hope that writing this book was cathartic. But if she writes another one, I will not be reading it.

Jul 24, Neja rated it really liked it Shelves: Well, well, well, who knew?! I know you might see this book as a silly book, but I liked it, because I felt that Holly was really honest when she wrote it. Everything about Hef is already disgusting but knowing that he is not even nice, he is not even the nice grandpa he seemed on the "The Girls Next Door"??!! I am glad she spilled the tea about everything! I have all of the box sets accept for the last one with the new girls. Bridget and Holly my favorites but it took me awhile to get to like Kendra, she was young and annoying at the time, most of us are when we are that young: I loved Holly and I bought her socks she sold at the time, the freaking tube socks I kept trying to find forever.

Damn, I should have took a pic of them on since I still have them: Every time I watched the show it was so much fun when the girls got to do things on their own, or have fun around the house without Hef involved. It seemed to me that a lot of times in the shots with Hef, everyone had smiles that weren't always genuine and I'm guessing if he was this strict man, I wouldn't have a smile either. I'm guessing you would have to get the multitudes of women drunk or on some kind of drugs to get them to have sex with you.

Uggg, moving on, just the thought makes me sick. I thought the book was great, it took me back to the days of watching the show and I think I will have to sit down and have a marathon now. There are a lot of people that love and hate the book. I don't see anything wrong with it, I felt the same way about a lot of things that were said, but that's my opinion and I don't care what anyone else thinks ;- I have read other books where people are in some nasty situations and everyone asked them, "Why didn't you just leave?

Shit just happens. Just no!!! And whether I like a person or not, I'm not going to judge them when they have issues or mental problems etc.

8 Disturbing Things We Learned About the Playboy Mansion From Holly Madison's Memoir

You do what you feel like you can do when you can. I loved that Mary stayed friends with Holly, well all of the girls I'm sure and I was so sad to hear of her passing from cancer. But, I'm glad that Holly found her dream, not many of us can do that. She seems to have a great husband and a daughter and a son on the way: Now, I wish Bridget would put out her own book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

View 2 comments. Jun 22, Aki rated it it was ok. I couldn't quite get past the "woe is me" cry of despair everytime she was bullied by the other girls in the mansion when you could turn the page and next she would be gloating about how she and Bridget were scheming to get those girls kicked out of the house. The last quarter picked up when she finally moved out, escaped her abusive relationships, and really started to discover herself.

Her fairy tale ending was heart warming and there were a couple important messages to young women that were unfortunately obscured by tacky drama. I grew weary of the "poor-little-me" routine. Get over it girl. You asked to move into the Playboy mansion because you were virtually homeless. You were given an allowance,lavish gifts,cars,etc.

Now you have the unmitigated gall to write a tell all and place yourself in the role of the victim. It became a whiney trope about how horrible her life in the mansion was,how her confidence was eroded,how awful Hef was to her,how all of the other girls were "mean girls". Where are the violins. I felt this book was a way to payback anyone who has ever slighted her.

I have absolutely no judgement about her choices,you were an adult,my problem is the lack of responsibility for said choices. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

View all 5 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is an incredibly important book. However, this book isn't about the glories of bunny life. It's a book about the actuality of bunny life.

You think everyone's so perfect and loves how they look? Holly points out the creepiness behind the cookie cutter image and very low ages that all of Hefner's girlfriends were pushed towards, and talks abo This is an incredibly important book. Holly points out the creepiness behind the cookie cutter image and very low ages that all of Hefner's girlfriends were pushed towards, and talks about the body dysmorphic issues that arise when you are living in a world where the idealization of a very particular body type and look are pushed so hard.

You think life in the mansion is carefree and like a wonderful sorority? Holly talks about the strict rules like a 9pm curfew for full fledged adults , infighting largely incited by drama queen Hefner himself and consistent emotional abuse from Hefner. It may seem trivial, but it truly destroys your feeling of self worth when someone does customary things like they love you and says they love, but then intimidates, bullies and controls you.

Or even worse, ignores you. So why didn't Holly just leave? She's an adult, right? Holly also talks about the shitty situations some people can be in that make them think they cannot get out of their personal hell. This is an important book, and one I would readily give to anyone who is living a life they want to get out of, but doesn't think they can. It will help them recognize their situation and start thinking about how they can not just separate themselves from it, but also thrive once they are free.

Oct 06, Vanessa rated it liked it. In honesty I wasn 3. View all 17 comments. I admit it. I loved The Girls Next Door. Their lives seemed so fun, so carefree. I loved all three girls, and especially Holly, who seemed genuine, classy, and had a good head on her shoulders. I felt when she left the show it was, again, a classy move on her part.

She realized she was never getting children or a marriage out of the relationship and moved on. I respected that. So, it was rather surprising to see her write a tell-all book with the intention of 'telling her own story' and then spe I admit it.

So, it was rather surprising to see her write a tell-all book with the intention of 'telling her own story' and then spending a huge amount of time defaming her own character. Let me save you the pain and loss of brain cells and give you the rundown of what Holly Madison wants you to know.

She treats this as if it was the ONLY solution to her problem and that she would have been homeless otherwise. Holly, you see, is never responsible for anything that happens. She is the victim of circumstance.

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I had to stop listening to the book about halfway through, in the 5th hour of her claiming that she was in denial about her relationship with Hugh Hefner and that it was all an act. Well, I suggest someone get her Academy Award ready, because bravo to her for almost a decade of excellent 'acting'.

This is a sad, sorry attempt at redemption that wasn't necessary. It's a money grab, and it makes her look like a gold-digging fool. View 1 comment. A couple of years ago I loved biographies, the trashier the better. This mainly meant any of Katie Price's many, many attempts. I wanted to read something a bit lighter after my previous read, and thought this would be a good 'toe dip' into light reading as I'd watched a couple of episodes of 'Girls Next Door'.

What transpired was more a sad tale about domestic abuse and one woman who is clearly still struggling to mature and come to terms with what happened in her youth. I'm rather conflicted, A couple of years ago I loved biographies, the trashier the better.

I'm rather conflicted, because Holly was very clearly used and abused by Hef during her time at the mansion, and I felt deeply sorry about what happened to her. Her comments about hoarding money to help plan her escape, and the constant put downs leading to crippling self doubt mirror so many survivors tales of domestic abuse.

However, at times I also feel she comes across as very abrasive and hard to like. She makes some quite catty comments about other women's intellectual abilities, and doesn't shy away from commenting on how badly her ex Criss Angel's Las Vegas show does compared to her own.

I felt as someone who's been told she's worthless so many times already she might have shown more compassion for other people instead of blowing her own trumpet to the detriment of others. I can't deny I enjoyed this, although it is obviously biased to reflect Holly's take on her experiences behind the mansion gates.

It was a unique and sad look into a world many wonder about and few get to experience. Holly doesnt hold back at all, and there are plenty of scandals and secrets exposed here, making for an excellent and eye opening memoir. May 02, Stacia the club rated it it was ok Shelves: She seemed to have fried her brain somewhere along the course of her life. I might have watched a few several episodes of The Girls Next Door when it was on the air.

But I never followed through until the end, and it looks like I wasn't missing much. By now, most of us know that even reality shows are scripted. Show creators are well aware that every audience has a preference of what they want to see, and the shows try to deliver this.

What I didn't realize was how much Hugh Hefner Hef tried She seemed to have fried her brain somewhere along the course of her life.

The 14 Worst Things About Hugh Hefner, as Revealed in Holly Madison's New Book

What I didn't realize was how much Hugh Hefner Hef tried to squelch any showing of the behind-the-scenes drama which was unfolding in the lives of the three stars of the show. He wanted to create drama to feed his own fantasies, but couldn't have the world seeing anything other than his life as absolute perfection.

Being able to hold her stories over my head was just another tool Hef used to manipulate me. Watching me get upset and squirm was just another way he satisfied his perversions.

I can't say that I was surprised to find out just how sleazy Hef was. I can't even say that I'm surprised by how much people idolize a man who is little more than his own creation and ego. The guy is icky - truly. Since Cosby got nailed to the wall for the pill thing, people should really take a second look at Hef.

However, Down the Rabbit Hole left a sour taste in its portrayal of Holly being nothing more than the victim in all of this. Yes, it's probably true that desperate times did call for desperate measures, but since she was only willing to spill the tea on everyone else and not herself, I found that her attempt at looking humble came across as nothing but fake and self-serving to the extreme.

This book was an attempt at damage control. And I don't think it hit the intended mark. I had to take it from a year-old bimbo who I had been nothing but welcoming to?

So everyone else at the mansion was sleazy except for Holly? The only real mention of Holly having sex with Hef was the very first time. She was 'out of it' and had a heavy body on top of her. Oh no, girl. You played the game. You don't get to act like you weren't selling yourself for the money.

Own it. And give a middle finger to the haters who can't handle it. If you make a choice, live in that choice. Don't try to sell me an entire book that tells me you were nothing but a victim.

Bridget and I were so square we wouldn't even have known how to get drugs. Interesting, considering how drug use was mentioned repeatedly in the book.

There were former girlfriends and playmates who were using, and Hef was supposedly drugging his dates to get them to open their thighs. I felt like there were plenty of contradictions in this story. The biggest contradiction came from Holly's portrayal of herself being nothing but nice and a perpetual doormat. I was beyond mortified and prayed that the floor would just swallow me up. I was certain everyone on set was assuming that all three of us were equally ditsy.

Was Hef a sleazebucket?

Down the Rabbit Hole Quotes

I'm pretty sure he was. Also, I'm pretty sure that there were no lies told here. Did you tell the whole story? I'm thinking no. View all 9 comments. I watched The Girls Next Door when I was younger and I was curious as to why these beautiful young girls would go out with a rich old dude. Of course, now I know that I underestimated just how "desirable" a rich person was. I was completely fascinated with the playboy bunnies and Hugh Hefners girlfriends. This book was juicy.

Like really juicy! It has so many details about Hugh Hefner 3. It has so many details about Hugh Hefner and life in the playboy mansion with the other girls, as well as other things like reality shows and Criss Angel. I did not know that Hugh was such an asshole and that the girls had so many strict rules that they had to adhere to, such as curfew at 9pm and no red lipstick.

It really gave away a vast amount of information and it answered all my questions about life as a bunny and girlfriend. To be honest, I didn't read this for insightful knowledge about feminism from Holly and so I wasn't dissatisfied with this book. Reading other reviews on here, it's clear that some people were expecting just that and they were disappointed in this book because it didn't really give any wise lessons about feminism. I thought it was entertaining and I liked Holly.

It's clear she wrote herself in a good light but I didn't mind because regardless, I like her. She got a happy ending that she wanted and so it was a good ending too. Plus she named her child Rainbow Aurora and I love that name! I have always considered both of those names for my future babies! I would recommend this to people who are interested in Playboy, Holly or memoirs. The depths of my own depression had led me down this very dark path, and there was no gleaming light, however distant, at the end of this tunnel.

I fell in love with the charmed life presented on the reality series. Holly was always my favorite of the three stars. I followed her story onto Holly's World and desperately wished I could make it to a Peepshow performance. When I saw that she was releasing a memoir of her days at the mansion, in a way I felt like I owed it to her to read the story from her perspective.

As an adult, I had come to the realization that things weren't always what the seemed behind the scenes, something I was only peripherally aware of while the show was on air.

A lot of what I read here shocked me, even more resonated with me. The quest for self-discovery, self-worth, and self-esteem are issues I constantly battle. Photo: Getty Images 6.

Runaway bride. Crystal, now 29, infamously left the Playboy founder five days before she was scheduled to walk down the aisle with him in June After her flight, it was rumored she had ran away with Dr. She denied the rumors and went on to marry Hefner on New Year's Day in Holly Madison not pictured claims that Hank Baskett left and Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett's right marriage almost didn't come to be in her memoir.

Here, the couple poses at the st Kentucky Derby in Louisville, on May 2. Photo: Getty Images 8. Hank Baskett love interest. I really enjoyed it. I think they do perhaps have a little in common.

This sounds really interesting! I found it really interesting to see the contrast between what was portrayed on the show and what really went on. I saw some of the TV comments on this. Oh boy, I admit it, I watched that show for the seasons those girls were on!

It was nearly impossible to turn it off. Oh Katy, if you watched the TV show the book will be incredibly enlightening. Everything from the state of the mansion to the way the girls were treated and how the show was filmed and scripted.

Really gives an insight into the world of the mansion and how ridiculous people are to idolize an old pervert. I like that Holly overcame all that crap and moved on. I never watched the series but I still think I would enjoy reading this book. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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This time my 6-year-old joined in with me, which was fun.Holly herself says she never went that route, but lots of the girls did. Life at the mansion resembles a vicious medieval court full of intrigue, deceit, and sinister machinations more than the romantic and sexual equivalent of Disneyland.

Holly characterises Izabella and the other girls as 'Mean Girls'. After 7 years in the house she is bored, has substantial savings and is looking to strike out on her own.

We should never settle for less than we deserve. Don't try to sell me an entire book that tells me you were nothing but a victim. Like Liked by 1 person. Madison tried to start a family with Hef—even though he was pushing