Godspells by William Alexander Oribello PDF. William Alexander Oribello the Master Book of Spiritual Power OCR. William Alexander Oribello Bible Spells. Free PDF, epub, site ebook. By Johann Scheibel. The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses is an 18th- or 19th-century magical text allegedly written by Moses. MOSES'. MAGICAL SPIR IT-. ART. Translated from the Ancient Hebrew. .. 12 m msixr n BOOK OF moans. The Seal. (Fig. The most obedient Angels of Power.

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[Download] The Sealed Magical Book of Moses by William Oribello download The Sealed Magical Book of Moses PDF The Sealed Magical. tains to the Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses, as follows. Adonai, E El, Zeboath, The most useful ministering arch angels of this seal are the following with their . gainst the honorable Horst, the publiaber of a magical library, . THE SIXTH BOOK OF MOSES. The Seal. (Fig. 2.) The most agefil ministering arch angels of this.

Nonetheless, copies of the Scripture have circulated among secretive cults such as the Esoteric Order of Dagon and other occult groups.

After Hoag's death, his granddaughter, Beverly Hoag Adams, published an expurgated version of the book. In contemporary times, other versions of the Ponape Scripture have seen print. Harold Hadley Copeland , a leading authority on the Scripture, produced a translation of the book, published in by Miskatonic University Press.

The original version of the manuscript remains at the Kester Library in Salem, Massachusetts. Pulver 's novel Nightmare's Disciple.

It is a tome written by Philip of Navarre in , a Spanish friar of the 16th century. The book also foretells of the coming of a messiah of destruction, who would be born in the western land of the red savage across the great ocean in Columbus' New World, a man that shall set the Great Old One free from her stellar prison. Livia Llewellyn elaborated on this, describing the violent sexual acts committed by Kassogtha worshipers. It was written by the undead cult worshipping the Great Old One Gla'aki.

Whenever Gla'aki slept, the members of his cult had periods of free will, and, since they were part of Gla'aki and shared his memories, they wrote down what they remembered of their master's thoughts. The cult's handwritten manuscripts later came to be known as the Revelations of Gla'aki.

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The text originally contained eleven volumes, nine in the carefully abridged published edition, but it may have had more at different times in the past. Take the ring off me, and I will render to thee the gold of the earth. Only take this off me, and forbear to lead me away to Solomon4. So come hither. And behold, he stands before the gates of the court of thy palace, crying out, and supplicating with a loud voice; offering me the silver and gold of the earth if I will only bring him unto thee5.

And when Solomon heard this, he rose up from his throne, and went outside into the vestibule of the court of his palace; and there he saw the demon, shuddering and trembling. And he said to him: "Who art thou? And Solomon said to him: "Tell me, O demon, to what zodiacal sign thou art subject. And those who are consumed with desire for the noble virgins upon earth.

But in case there is no disposition to sleep8, I am changed into three forms. Whenever men come to be enamoured of women, I metamorphose myself into a comely female; and I take hold of the men in their sleep, and play with them.

And after a while I again take to my wings, and hie me to the heavenly regions. I also appear as a lion, and I am commanded by all the demons. I am offspring of the archangel Uriel9, the power of God. I Solomon, having heard the name of the archangel, prayed and glorified God, the Lord of heaven and earth. And I sealed the [18] demon and set him to work at stone-cutting, so that he might cut the stones in the Temple, which, lying along the shore, had been brought by the Sea of Arabia.

But he, fearful of the iron, continued and said to me: "I pray thee, King Solomon, let me go free; and I will bring you all the demons.

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And the angel bade the whales10 of the sea come out of the abyss. And he cast his destiny upon the ground, and that [destiny] made subject [to him] the great demon And he commanded the great demon and bold Ornias, to cut stones at the Temple And accordingly I Solomon glorified the God of heaven and Maker of the earth.

And he bade Ornias come with his destiny, and gave him the seal, saying: "Away with thee, and bring me hither the prince of all the demons. The sea monsters are named Behemoth the male and Leviathan the female in 4Ezra , 1En So Ornias took the finger-ring, and went off to Beelzeboul, who has kingship over the demons.

He said to him: "Hither! Solomon calls thee. And when I saw the prince of demons, I glorified the Lord God, Maker of heaven and earth, and I said: "Blessed art thou, Lord God Almighty, who hast given to Solomon thy servant wisdom, the assessor of the wise, and hast subjected unto me all the power of he devil. And I questioned him, and said: "Who art thou?

And all [19] the demons have their chief seats close to me. And I it is who make manifest the apparition of each demon. And I again glorified the God of heaven and earth, as I do always give thanks to him. I then asked of the demon if there were females among them. And when he told me that there were, I said that I desired to see them. So Beelzeboul went off at high speed, and brought unto me Onoskelis, that had a very pretty shape, and the skin of a fair-hued woman; and she tossed her head And when she was come, I said to her: "Tell me who art thou?

There is a golden cave where I lie. But I have a place that ever shifts At one time I strangle men with a noose; at another, I creep up from the nature to the arms [in marg: "worms"] But my most frequent dwelling-places are the precipices, caves, ravines. Oftentimes, however, do I consort with men in the semblance of a woman, and above all with those of a dark skin For they share my star with me; since they it is who privily or openly worship my star, without knowing that they harm themselves, and but whet my appetite for further mischief.

For they wish to provide money by means of memory commemoration? I am a spirit which has been made into a body. And I Solomon questioned her about her birth, and she replied: "I was born of a voice untimely, the so-called echo of a man's ordure20 dropped in a wood. For the demon born of an echo we have an analogue in the Hebrew Bath Kol, "the daughter of a voice.

And I said to her: "Under what star dost thou pass? But she cried aloud, and said: "I am [subjected] to thee, O king, by the wisdom of God given to thee, and by the angel Joel. So I commanded her to spin the hemp for the ropes used in the building of the house of God; and accordingly, when I had sealed and bound her, she was so overcome and brought to naught as to stand night and day spinning the hemp. And I at once bade another demon to be led unto me; and instantly there approached me the demon Asmodeus23, bound, and I asked him: "Who art thou?

Wherefore also my star is bright in heaven, and men call it, some the Wain25, and some the dragon's child. I keep near unto this star. So ask me not many things; for thy kingdom also after a little time is to be disrupted, and thy glory is but for a season.

And short will be thy tyranny over us; and then we shall again have free range over mankind, so as that they shall revere us as if we were gods, not knowing, men that they are, the names of the angels set over us. And I Solomon, on hearing this, bound him more carefully, and ordered him to be flogged with thongs of ox-hide26, and to tell me humbly what was his name and what his business. And he answered me thus: "I am called Asmodeus among mortals, and my business is to plot against the newly wedded, so that they may not know one another.

And I sever them utterly by many calamities, and I waste away the beauty of virgin women, and estrange their hearts. And I said to him: "Is this thy only business? But the liver and gall of a fish put me to flight, when smoked over ashes of the tamarisk Tell me the name of the fish which thou reverest. Compare Tobit, where Raphael instructs him in the use of the gall, heart, and liver for various cures. And I said to him: "Hast thou nothing else about thee, Asmodeus?

I pray thee, King Solomon, condemn me not to [go into] water. But thou shalt also make the clay for the entire construction of the Temple, treading it down with thy feet. And the demon groaned terribly, and did the work I ordered him to do. And this I did, because that fierce demon Asmodeus knew even the future. And I Solomon glorified God, who gave wisdom to me Solomon his servant. And the liver of the fish and its gall I hung on the spike of a reed30, and burned it over Asmodeus because of his being so strong, and his unbearable malice was thus frustrated.

And I summoned again to stand before me Beelzeboul, the prince of demons, and I sat him down on a raised seat of honour, and said to him: "Why art thou alone, prince of the demons? For I was first angel in the first heaven being entitled Beelzeboul. And now I control all those who are bound in Tartarus. But I too have a child33, and he haunts the Red Sea. And on any suitable occasion he comes up to me again, being subject to me; and reveals to me what he has done, and I support him.

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I Solomon said unto him: "Beelzeboul, what is thy employment? And my own demons I set on36 to men, in order that the latter may believe in them and be lost. And the chosen servants of God, priests and faithful men, I excite unto desires for wicked sins, and evil heresies, and lawless deeds; and they obey me, and I bear them on to destruction. And I inspire men with envy, and [desire for] murder, and for wars and sodomy, and other evil things.

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And I will destroy the world. D reads simply "I bring about jealousies and murders in a country, and I instigate wars.

So I said to him: "Bring to me thy child, who is, as thou sayest, in the Red Sea. But there shall come to me another demon called Ephippas Him will I bind, and he will bring him up from the deep unto me. However, he will come to thee by any command, and will tell thee openly. I said to him: "Tell me by what angel thou art frustrated. The text must be faulty, for the word Emmanuel is the Hebrew. The sum is got by adding together the Greek numbers. I Solomon was astounded when I heard this; and I ordered him to saw up Theban1 marbles.

And when he began to saw the marbles, the other demons cried out with a loud voice, howling because of their king Beelzeboul. We hear of Pentelic marble in Strabo, but the reference in the text may be to Thebes in Egypt. But I Solomon questioned him, saying: "If thou wouldst gain a respite, discourse to me about the things in heaven.

And if, being pure3, [23] thou light them at dawn in the sun alight, then wilt thou see the heavenly dragons, how they wind themselves along and drag the chariot of the sun. Perhaps the "sea-bulbs" were the balls of hair-like texture which the sea washes up on Mediterranean shores, e.

Perhaps "in a row," should be read. For the condition here insisted on cp. Dieterich, Abrasax, p. The ritual of a magic papyrus given by Dieterich, p. And I Solomon, having heard this, rebuked him, and said: "Silence for this present1, and continue to saw the marbles as I commanded thee. And one came before me who carried his face high up in the air, but the rest of the spirit curled away like a snail. And it broke through the few soldiers, and raised also a terrible dust on the ground, and carried it upwards; and then again hurled it back to frighten us, and asked what questions I could ask as a rule.

And I stood up, and spat2 on the ground in that spot, and sealed with the ring of God. And forthwith the dust-wind stopped. Then I asked him, saying: "Who art thou, O wind? But so far I give thanks to God who has made me wise to answer their evil plots. So Luke xxii.

For the use of spittle to produce a cure or other effect in a magical way, cp. Mark vii. In John ix. It was common in antiquity. But [the demon] answered me: "I am the spirit of the ashes Tephras.

But most busy am I in summer. However, when I get an opportunity, I creep into corners of the wall, by night and day. For I am offspring of the great one, and nothing less.

There is my star. For I have been bidden to restrain the convulsions of the hemitertian fever; and this is why many men pray to the hemitertian fever, using these three names: Bultala, Thallal, [24] Melchal. And I heal them. And, being compelled, the demon began to do what he was bidden to do. Acts iv. And I glorified God afresh who gave me this authority, and ordered another demon to come before me.

And there came seven spirits1, females, bound and woven together, fair in appearance and comely. And I Solomon, seeing them, questioned them and said: "Who are ye?

Seven stars humble in sheen, and all together. And we are called as it were goddesses. We change our place all and together, and together we live, sometimes in Lydia, sometimes in Olympus, sometimes in a great mountain. The Pleiades seem to be referred to. Job xxxviii. The grouping of evil spirits by sevens is common in Babylonian and Jewish folk-lore.

As examples I may cite the Testamentum of Reuben, ch. Possibly, however, the Seven Planets are here in question; though this is unlikely, for they do not tally with the description given.

For "thirty-three" we should read "thirty-six" elements. Note that later in the Testament these seven spirits are not among the Kosmokrators, a proof that the document before us is a composite one.

Paul speaks of the Kosmokrators in Eph. So I Solomon questioned them one by one, beginning with the first, and going down to the seventh. The first said: "I am Deception, I deceive and weave snares here and there. I whet and excite heresies. But I have an angel who frustrates me, Lamechalal. Likewise also the second said: "I am Strife, strife of strifes. I bring timbers, stones, hangers, my weapons on the spot. But I have an angel who frustrates me, Baruchiachel.

Likewise also the third said: "I am called Klothod1, which is Battle, and I cause the well-behaved to scatter and fall foul one of the other.

And why do I say so much? I have an angel that frustrates me: "Marmarath. Fabricius, Cod. Kludun, which Hesychius explains thus Likewise also the fourth said: "I cause men to forget their sobriety and moderation. I part them and split them into parties; for Strife follows me hand in hand. I rend the husband from the sharer of his bed, and children from parents, and brothers from sisters. But why tell so much to my despite? I have an angel that frustrates me, the great Balthial.

Likewise also the fifth said: "I am Power. By power I raise up tyrants and tear down kings. To all rebels I furnish power. D: Asteraoth. And I will make thee to err, as I have before made thee to err, when I caused thee to slay thy own brother2. I will lead you into error, so as to pry into graves3; and 1 teach them that dig, and I lead errant souls away from all piety, and many other evil traits are mine.

But I have an angel that frustrates me, Uriel. See I Kings ii. A reference to necromancy, of which the object was to oblige the spirit of the dead to enter oneself. Likewise also the seventh said: "I am the worst, and I make thee worse off than thou wast; because I will impose the bonds of Artemis. But the locust1 will set me free, for by means thereof is it fated that thou shalt achieve my desire. For if one were wise, he would not turn his steps toward me.

This refers to the closing incident narrated in the Testament, the sacrificing by Solomon of five locusts to Moloch. Tatian, Orat. She is the same as Hecate. So I Solomon, having heard and wondered, sealed them with my ring; and since they were so considerable, I bade them dig the foundations of the Temple of God. For the length of it was cubits. And I bade them be industrious, and with one murmur of joint protest they began to perform the tasks enjoined.

But I Solomon glorified the Lord, and bade another demon come before me. And there was brought to me a demon having all the limbs of a man, but without a head. And I, seeing him, said to him: "Tell me, who art thou?

For I delight to devour heads, being desirous to secure for myself a head; but I do not eat enough, but am anxious to have such a head as thou hast. I Solomon, on hearing this, sealed him, stretching out my hand against his chest. Whereon the demon leapt up, and threw himself down, and gave a groan, saying: "Woe is me!

O traitor Ornias, I cannot see! Tell me then how thou dost manage to see. And he answered me: "I, O King Solomon, am wholly voice, for I have inherited the voices of many men. For in the case of all men who are called dumb, I it is who smashed their heads, when they were children and had reached their eighth day. Then when a child is crying in the night, I become a spirit, and glide by means of his voice. In the crossways1 also I have many services to render, and my encounter is fraught with harm.

For I grasp in all instant a man's head, and with my hands, as with a sword, I cut it off, and put it on to myself. And in this way, by means of the fire which is in me, through my neck it is swallowed up.

I it is that sends grave mutilations and incurable on men's feet, and inflict sores. This seems the sense of enodiais, unless understood, trivialibus dis, "to the demons of the wayside or cross-road. As a subst. And I Solomon, on hearing this, said to him: "Tell me how thou dost discharge forth the fire? Out of what sources dost thou emit it?

For here hath not yet been found that Elburion, to whom men offer prayers and site lights. And his name is invoked by the seven demons before me. And he cherishes them. Or, "from the Orient. But I said to him: "Tell me his name. For if I tell his name, I render myself incurable.

But he will come in response to his name. Bornemann conjectures "a guardian or watcher. Then I ordered another demon to come before me, and there came into my presence a hound, having a very large shape, and it spoke with a loud voice, and said, "Hail, Lord, King Solomon! I said to it: Who art thou, O hound? I was surpassingly learned in letters, and was so mighty that I could hold the stars of heaven back.

Johann Scheibel

And many divine works did I prepare. For I do harm to men who follow after our star, and turn them to. The MS. Can it mean "her that is born of echo" see above, p. And I Solomon said to him: "What is thy name? And I said to him: "What is thine employment? And what results canst thou achieve? And I Solomon, on hearing this, ordered my servant to set off with him, and to take the finger-ring bearing the seal of God with him. And I said to him: "Whoever shall show thee the green stone, seal him with this finger-ring.

And mark the spot with care, and bring me the demon hither. And the demon showed him the green stone, and he sealed it, and brought the demon to me. And I Solomon decided to confine with my seal on my right hand the two, the headless demon, likewise the hound, that was so huge1; he should be bound as well. And I bade the hound keep safe the fiery spirit so that lamps as it were might by day and night cast their light through its maw on the artisans at work.

The text seems corrupt here. And I Solomon took from the mine of that stone shekels for the supports of the table of incense, which was similar in appearance. And I Solomon glorified the Lord God, and then closed round the treasure of that stone. And I ordered afresh the demons to cut marble for the construction of the house of God.

And I Solomon prayed to the Lord, and asked the hound, saying: "By what angel [28] art thou frustrated?

Briareus is suggested by Bornemann as the right reading, but with little probability, since Briareus would not have been turned into an angel. And I praised the Lord God of heaven and earth, and bade another demon come forward to me; and there came before me one in the form of a lion roaring.

And he stood and answered me saying: "O king, in the form which I have, I am a spirit quite incapable of being perceived. Upon all men who lie prostrate with sickness I leap, coming stealthily along; and I render the man weak, so that his habit of body is enfeebled. But I have also another glory, O king. I cast out demons, and I have legions under my control. And I am capable of being received1 in my dwelling-places, along with all the demons belonging to the legions under me.

What angel is it that frustrates thee? The dwelling-places are the persons of whom the spirit, good or evil, takes possession. So in the Docetic Acta Iohannis ed.

James the Christ says: "I have no dwelling, and I have dwellings; I have no place, and I have places; I have no temple, and I have temples. Behold thyself in me who address thee. So I said to him: "I adjure thee in the name of the God Sabaoth, to tell me by what name thou art frustrated along with thy host. He is noised abroad in the three letters which bring him down2.

The allusion is to the swine of Gadara. The three characters are apparently the numbers And I Solomon, on hearing this, glorified God, and condemned his legion to carry wood from the thicket.

And I condemned the [29] lion-shaped one himself to saw up the wood small with his teeth, for burning in the unquenchable furnace for the Temple of God. And I worshipped the Lord God of Israel, and bade another demon come forward. And there came before me a dragon, three-headed, of fearful hue. And I questioned him: "Who art thou? But I blind children in women's wombs, and twirl their ears round. And I make them deaf2 and mute. And I have again in my third head means of slipping in3. And I smite men in the limbless part of the body, and cause them to fall down, and foam, and grind their teeth.

But I have my own way of being frustrated, Jerusalem being signified in writing, unto the place called 'of the head4. He doth frustrate me, and to him am I subject. The tribolos was a three-spiked instrument, thrown on the ground to wound horses' feet. The old legend was that Adam's skull reposed in this spot, and that the cross was planted upon it.

He it is that shall be shut up in a skin-bottle and brought before thee. But at the entrance of the Temple, which thou hast begun to build, O King Solomon, lies stored much gold, which dig thou up and carry off. And I sealed him with my ring, and praised the Lord God. The meaning of the last part of this compound is unknown. So I said to him: "What art thou called? He had human hands. And I adored the Lord God of Israel, and bade another demon present himself. And there came before me a spirit in woman's form, that had a head without any limbs1, and her hair was dishevelled.

And I said to her: "Who art thou? And why dost thou want to hear concerning me? But, as thou wouldst learn, here I stand bound before thy face. Go [30] then into thy royal storehouses and wash thy hands. Then sit down afresh before thy tribunal, and ask me questions; and thou shalt learn, O king, who I am. Here we seem to have the Greek head of Medusa transformed into a demon. And I Solomon did as she enjoined me, and restrained myself because of the wisdom dwelling in me1; in order that I might hear of her deeds, and reprehend them, and manifest them to men.

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And I sat down, and said to the demon: "What art thou? And divining the hour I take my stand2; and if I am lucky, I strangle the child. But if not, I retire to another place. For I cannot for a single night retire unsuccessful. For I am a fierce3 spirit, of myriad names and many shapes.

And now hither, now thither I roam. And to westering parts I go my rounds. But as it now is, though thou hast sealed me round with the ring of God, thou hast done nothing. I am not standing before thee, and thou wilt not be able to command me. For I have no work other than the destruction of children, and the making their ears to be deaf, and the working of evil to their eyes, and the binding their mouths with a bond, and the ruin of their minds, and paining of their bodies.

The Sophia, identified by Philo and the early Fathers with the Logos, is supposed to have entered into and taken possession of Solomon as it afterwards did with Jesus. When I Solomon heard this, I marvelled at her appearance, for I beheld all her body to be in darkness. But her glance was altogether bright and greeny, and her hair was tossed wildly like a dragon's; and the whole of her limbs were invisible.

And her voice was very clear as it came to me. And I cunningly said: "Tell me by what angel thou art frustrated, O evil spirit? His name, if any man know it, and write the same on a woman in childbirth, then I shall not be able to enter her. Of this name the number is Bornemann Zeitschr. Total And I again ordered another demon to come before me. And the came, rolling itself along, one in appearance like to a dragon, but having the face and hands of a man.

And all its limbs, except the feet, were those of a dragon; and it had wings on its back. And when I beheld it, I was astonied, and said: "Who art thou, demon, and what art thou called?

And whence hast thou come? Tell me. I am a spirit made into a god among men, but now brought to naught by the ring and wisdom vouchsafed to thee by God. Now I am the so-called winged dragon1, and I chamber2 not with many women, but only with a few that are of fair shape, which possess the name of xuli3, of this star. And I pair with them in the guise of a spirit winged in form, coitum habens per nates4. And she on whom I have leapt goes heavy with child, and that which is born of her becomes eros.

But since such offspring cannot be carried by men, the woman in question breaks wind. Such is my role. Supposed then only that I am satisfied, and all the other demons molested and disturbed by thee will speak the whole truth. But those composed of fire 5 will cause to be burned up by fire the material of the logs which is to be collected by them for the building in the Temple. And as the demon said this, I saw the spirit going forth from his mouth, and it consumed the wood of the frankincense-tree, and burned up all the logs which we had placed in the Temple of God.

And I Solomon saw what the spirit had done, and I marvelled. And, having glorified God, I asked the dragon-shaped demon, and said: "Tell me, by what angel art thou frustrated? And I Solomon, having heard this, and having invoked his angel, condemned him to saw up marbles for the building of the Temple of God; and I praised God, and commanded another demon to come before me.

And there came before my face another spirit, as it were a woman in the form she had. But on her shoulders she had two other heads with hands. And I asked her, and said: "Tell me, who art thou? I undergo changes, like the goddess I am called. And I change again, and pass into possession of another shape. And be not [32] desirous therefore to know all that concerns me.

But since thou art before me for this much, hearken. I have my abode in the moon, and for that reason I possess three forms. At times I am magically1 invoked by the wise as Kronos. At other times, in connexion with those who bring me down, I come down and appear in another shape.

The measure of the element2 is inexplicable and indefinable, and not to be frustrated. I then, changing into these three forms, come down and become such as thou seest me; but I am frustrated by the angel Rathanael, who sits in the third heaven. This then is why I speak to thee.

Yonder temple cannot contain me. Perhaps "the place or size of the heavenly body. And I sealed her with a triple chain, and placed beneath her the fastening of the chain. I used the seal of God, and the spirit prophesied to me, saying: "This is what thou, King Solomon, doest to us. But after a time thy kingdom shall be broken, and again in season this Temple shall be riven asunder1; and all Jerusalem shall be undone by the King of the Persians and Medes and Chaldaeans.Can it mean "her that is born of echo" see above, p.

But the child according to the instructions received from the king, threw the ring at the chest of the demon, and said: "King Solomon calls thee hither.

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And I said to him: "By what angel art thou frustrated? And I was glad in spirit in my kingdom, and there was peace in my days.

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Whut can bring. I have a grudge against the body. And he bade Ornias come with his destiny, and gave him the seal, saying: "Away with thee, and bring me hither the prince of all the demons.